HSRCA Regalia Sale

HSRCA Regalia Sale

The HSRCA has held quite a large stock of regalia over the last few years. At the last Committee meeting it was decided to dispense with the continued sale and promotion of HSRCA regalia other than cloth and metal club badges.

While this is unfortunate, it will give all HSRCA members the opportunity to purchase club regalia, as well as ex-Tasman Revival shirts and the like at knock down prices. Below you will find photos of most of the items by price and size. 

If you are interested please email David Medley direct at: david.medley3@bigpond.com 

So that you will receive exactly what you would like please let David know the description, size and delivery address along with a contact number.

In addition to the cost you can expect a postal charge of around $10, depending on the size, weight and your delivery address. These orders will be handled at the end of each week so delivery would be the middle of following week.

Please remember that this will be the last opportunity to add these items to your HSRCA apparel/regalia collection as when they are sold there will be no more.

Please find photos of the regalia below, and download the price list here:

Regalia Sale August 2014 Price List [PDF]

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