Wrapping Up the Spectacular 2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic

We’re back from a tremendously successful and enjoyable 2024 Sydney Classic, which ran over the King’s Birthday long weekend June 8-9 at Sydney Motorsport Park. Time to catch up on all the action on and off the track.

After a very wet run up to the meeting, particularly for practice on Friday, we were prepared for at least some rain on Saturday, but the day dawned dry and only improved throughout, ending in a glorious winter afternoon. By Sunday, conditions were all we could ask for, producing near perfect conditions for racing and adding to the pleasant atmosphere in the pits and paddock.

Rod Wallace and Warren De Guara

After a great entry depleted by a rush of cancellations at the Summer Festival, and a six month break in between events with Wakefield Park out of action, drivers and spectators alike were more than ready to return to racing. The entry to the Sydney Classic hit 215, with just a handful dropping out in the days leading up to the meeting – an awesome result that led to a good buzz in the pits and paddock and fun events throughout the weekend.

The ARDC hosted practice on Friday, giving competitors an opportunity to settle in and test, tune and tweak ahead of a busy weekend of motor sport – particularly important given the long break between meetings. Regularity opened the meeting on Saturday morning, with 37 events running between then and the final Supersprint session on Sunday afternoon. Thank you to all of our drivers, officials and organisers for your efforts in ensuring a smoothly run and enjoyable meeting!

Bob Britton heading out for the Rennmax parade

We were honoured to host Bob Britton at the 2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic, and to feature his iconic Rennmax cars. Bob’s presence at the circuit was a highlight for most of us, and we’d like to send a huge thanks to him, his family and everyone involved in putting together the Rennmax event. 

We would like to send extra grateful thanks to Richard Brendell, who came from Melbourne with the first Rennmax Climax as just restored by him. The car was towed at the front of the parade, with Bob in the yellow Morgan of Noel Bryen our Race Secretary.

Travis Clark leading L, M, O and Formula Ford

Alongside a display and demonstration laps on both days, Rennmax cars featured throughout the field. While Tom Tweedie claimed pole position in qualifying, Travis Clark went on to become unbeatable in L, M, O & Formula Ford, winning all three races in his 1969 Rennmax BN-3. David Kent and Tom Tweedie remained competitive throughout the weekend, with Garry Watson making his way into third for the final two races.

Tony Paynter was quickest out of the gates in Formula Vee, but it was Kevan Peters who won the first race in a 1965 Rennmax ahead of Daniel Bando (1985 Elfin NG) and the 1982 Spectre of Stephen Normoyle. In race two, Matthew Pearce moved the 1979 Rennmax Mk. 2 into first place ahead of Normoyle, Tony Paynter returning to the podium in third before ascending to victory in race three.

Daniel Nolan on the dummy grid

In Q & R Sports & Racing, Daniel Nolan was quick to claim pole position, but sadly left race one early and was unable to return to the track. Vivian King was unmatched throughout the rest of the weekend in the Ralt RT4, but there was more action throughout the rest of the field.

Malcolm Oastler and Rohan Carrig completed the podium in race one, but neither would complete race two, when Aaron McClintock and Andrew Cantrell set the podium. Cantrell held on to third in race three, Steve Willing claiming his first podium with second in the final race of the weekend.

HQ Racing NSW in the Sydney Classic

Another feature of the meeting was HQ Racing NSW, competing in their debut HSRCA race meeting. The HQs were a wonderful addition to the meeting, showing up in force and putting on three excellent races, with some entertaining commentary as well.

Brett Osborn had the field’s number, qualifying in pole and not giving up the top spot. Luke Harrison and Chris Molle completed the podium in race one, Jarrod Harber getting the better of Chris in race two before Jason Molle surged into second for their final race, followed by Jarrod Harber.

Sticking with the touring cars, we were pleased to welcome Heritage Touring Cars back to the Sydney Classic and enjoy their iconic Group C & A touring cars in action once again. Chris Stillwell (1988 Ford Sierra RS500) and Brian Henderson (1983 Nissan Bluebird) thrilled at the front of the category, Stillwell winning race one and three with Henderson victorious in race two. On Sunday afternoon Chad Parrish charged, moving the invited 1995 Ford Falcon 5-litre V8 into second.

Paul Cameron taking his pit stop during the Group N endurance race, Sunday afternoon

Group N brought a near-capacity field out for the meeting, which saw Mustangs dominate the podium in all races. Competition on Saturday was strong, Adam Walton qualifying fastest, but falling to Craig Allan in race one, Ian Mewett consistent in third. The second race on Saturday afternoon saw Allan hold on to the top spot, Jack Harrison moving up into second after steadily working his way up from qualifying in fifth.

The highlight was the endurance race held in perfect conditions ahead of lunch on Sunday, won by Craig Allan ahead of Adam Walton and Jack Harrison.

In Group S Wayne Seabrook set the pace early, quickest in qualifying and winning race one ahead of Doug Barbour. When he put the car on the trailer early, Barbour sprinted to victory in race two, followed by the Datsun 280Z of Brett Smith and Joe Di Bartolo’s Corvette. The third race saw an uncharacteristic early exit from Barbour, allowing Smith to take the lead, David Cunneen moving into third after a consistent weekend.

Tony Pallas and Richard Cardew

Moving to the timed categories, past president Richard Cardew sat at the top of the sheets in the first Regularity run, followed by Craig Duthie and Tony Pallas. Edward Gavin proved more consistent in run two, relegating Cardew to second as Bruce Melville moved into third. Duthie was able to set the pace in the final run, Pallas claiming second and Kerry Phelan achieving his first podium of the weekend.

Supersprint saw an interesting collection of cars take to the track, led by Peter Kotz’ 1972 Holden Torana XU-1 in qualifying. Greg Reed was quickest by a narrow margin in run one, followed by Andrew Cook, Kotz falling to third. Reed improved his time for run two, Cook remaining consistent in second and Mark Johnson bringing the ’68 Mustang into third. Cook finished strong, putting in his best lap of the weekend to top the sheets in run three ahead of Reed and Johnson.

Volunteers at the 2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic

We’d like to extend our most important ‘THANK YOU!’ to the many people who support the club in making these meetings possible, from the many volunteers and staff who perform vital roles around the circuit on the weekend, to all those involved behind the scenes in the months that lead up to it, as well as the circuit and ARDC for hosting and running practice.

We are also deeply appreciative of all of the competitors, family and friends who continue to support our events and the HSRCA, particularly in these challenging economic times. We’d be going nowhere fast without you and are greatly appreciative of all that you do.

Rennmax parade heading out

Thank you for your wonderful support of the 2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic! We look forward to seeing everyone again soon, hopefully when we welcome Wakefield Park, now One Raceway, back into action at the Spring Festival September 28 – 29.

Until then, click through the following links and enjoy a wonderful selection of images with thanks to the many talented photographers who help us document our meetings.

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Andy Aristodimou

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Campbell Armstrong-Rider

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Riccardo Benvenuti

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Emily Chebaia

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Jeremy Dale

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Steve Haskell

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Craig King

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Steve Koen

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Bruce Moxon

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Brent Murray

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Seth Reinhardt

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Mark Richards

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Stuart Row

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Peter Schell

2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Mark Walsh

With thanks to Andy Aristodimou, Campbell Armstrong Rider, Riccardo Benvenuti, Emily Chebaia, Jeremy Dale, Steve Haskell, Craig King, Steve Koen, Bruce Moxon, Brent Murray, Seth ReinhardtMark RichardsStuart Row, Mark Walsh and Peter Schell. Click their names to head to their websites or socials for more, or email Seth at web@hsrca.com if you’re looking for something from him, Bruce, Jeremy, Mark, Peter or either Steve.

Q & R dummy grid at the 2024 HSRCA Sydney Classic

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