Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival Friday Practice

[slide] The time for practising is over! Qualifications are complete, grids have been formed and racing is under way at the 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival. The 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival was the stage for a fantastic afternoon of racing today, as over 450 entrants made their final preparations, put in their bids for … Read on

Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival Practice Under Way

[slide] Trailers are towed in, unpacked and turned into road warrior garages. Magnificent machines from all over the world and across the gamut of history are rolled down ramps, off trailers and in through the gates. Bodywork rests beside naked machinery. Wheels wait patiently to be lifted into place and tyres look forward to melting … Read on

The Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010 Fires Up Its Engines!

Mammoth line-up of international & Australian historic racing cars? Check. A field of racing drivers ranging from gifted to legendary? Check. World-class racing circuit? Check. Huge community of fun-loving, friendly historic racing fans? Check. The Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010 Opens This Friday, 26th November! Months (years) of preparations are complete, and the Lotus Sydney … Read on

The HSRCA’s 2011 activity calendar

It’s time to break out your diaries, or Google Calendars, because we have just updated our events calendar with all of the HSRCA’s meetings, all historic race meetings, and other relevant events for 2011. These dates may change over the course of the year, so remember to check back here for more information. 2011 is … Read on