Denistone Sporting Club, 59 Chatham Road, West Ryde, at 7:00pm on Wednesday, 10 November 2021 with dinner from 5:30pm

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday evening 12th October, 2022, when we will review the financial position of the Club and elect all office holders.

The AGM is important because it is an opportunity to review the year and we invite comment on the way the HSRCA responds to the challenges and opportunities that lie before it. There are important issues for us to consider and we value your guidance and input.

It has been a challenging year with COVID and now with Wakefield Park closing (temporarily we hope) but we have conducted some well-received events and celebrated (a little late) our 40th anniversary as a club.

We have lost fewer members in this last year but may not have heard of losses or poor health amongst close family members. Let us know if you know of others. It is a time for reflection and appreciation for the lives of our friends and colleagues.

So now that COVID is behind us (and many of us have survived it thanks to our health system) please attend if you can and remember that we must have a quorum to go forward. As is our recent tradition, meals will be free.

Below are links to download a proxy form if you cannot attend, and nomination forms for the committee and named positions as per the new constitution that was adopted last year. We encourage anyone to nominate – we need at least one extra member to replace an outgoing committee member and we need more volunteers! Papers will be available in the second week of October.

Looking forward to seeing you on 12 October, dinner will start from 6.30 with the AGM from after 7.30pm.

Wayne Wilson

2022 HSRCA AGM Notice of Meeting, Proxy and Nomination Forms [PDF]


  1. Apologies
  2. Receive Minutes of the 2021 AGM, as approved by the General Committee
  3. President’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Presentation of Club Trophies
  6. Election of 2022-2023 Committee
    • Positions declared vacant
    • Appointment of interim chair
    • Nominations and election
  7. Business plan update
  8. Future directions for the Club – open discussion
  9. Other business