Attendees and COVID-19 procedures

The Spring Festival will comply with all NSW Government COVID-19 regulations as well as Wakefield Park Raceway’s COVID-19 procedures.

This means:

  • If you feel at all unwell or present even the mildest of symptoms, please stay home
  • The 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival will not be open to spectators
  • The attendee allowance is one competitor and one support person, allowing a total of two people per car
    • A support person is one (only) of a crew, assistant, supporter etc
    • If the entrant and driver are different people then this should be noted on the MSA Event Entry and details listed
  • Both the competitor and support person must be registered on the Motorsport Australia Event Entry website
  • All entrants to the circuit will be checked for registration in order to gain admittance
  • There will be a registration and health check (temperature) at the main gate to gain admission
  • Document check will be conducted in carport 1 so that it may be done in an open fresh air space
  • Current COVID-19 protocols will be followed including hand sanitiser available around the circuit, 1.5-metre social distancing, encouragement for all to regularly wash hands and the like
  • There will be no social function on the Saturday afternoon after racing concludes

* If the NSW Government relaxes current COVID-19 regulations, then some event conditions may be altered in line with this.

Meeting Documentation

Documentation for the 2020 Spring Festival is available to download below. Please be aware that these documents may require changes or replacement to reflect the postponement of the event. More information will be available in the coming days.

Wakefield Park Raceway COVID-19 Venue Safety Plan [PDF] As at July 31, 2020

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival Further Regulations [PDF]

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival Supplementary Regulations [PDF]

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival Final Garage Allocations [PDF] Finalised October 26, 2020

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival Provisional Program of Events [PDF]

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival Provisional Entry List [PDF] As at October 26, 2020

MSA Self-Scrutiny Checklist (Race) [PDF] As at October 23, 2020

MSA Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance [PDF] As at October 23, 2020

Motorsport Australia General Disclaimer [PDF] Inclusive of COVID-19 disclaimer

Friday Private Practice

Private practice will be held on Friday the 30th of October and will be conducted by Wakefield Park Raceway. Competitors can enter on line at the Wakefield Park website here, or at the circuit on the day.


Due to COVID-19, and in line with the Return to Race Policy, scrutineering will be done on a spot check basis throughout the weekend.  All competitors will need to report to the Scrutineering area with their MSA Self-Scrutiny forms.

There are two Motorsport Australia forms, one is self-scrutiny and the second is a compliance form for cars in Target Scrutiny.  Super Sprint and Regularity only need to fill in the self-scrutiny form and all target cars (race) need to fill in both.

Scrutiny forms can be handed to the scrutineers from 12pm Friday.


Motorsport Australia have released a new disclaimer that includes a COVID-19 declaration. Entrants will have already accepted terms and conditions at time of entry, however many team members will have not yet accepted terms and conditions and so this form is aimed at them.

Camping at the Circuit Not Permitted

Due to ongoing restrictions emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, camping at Wakefield Park Raceway is not permitted at this time. We are aware that some of you have taken advantage of this in the past and appreciate your understanding.


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a strict limit on venue capacity, the 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival will not be open to spectators.

Entry to the circuit will be strictly controlled and allowed only to entrants, drivers and crew, plus officials and circuit staff. Names and contact information for everyone who attends the venue will be required ahead of time. Entry will be by registered name on a list and presentation of ID on entry to the circuit. Not registered, then no entry.

We are disappointed to once again run without the energy and atmosphere brought by our friends in the broader historic motor sport community. However, we are dedicated to running a safe meeting in these challenging circumstances and will take all steps necessary to ensure that we do so. We hope to be able to welcome you to an HSRCA historic race meeting in the near future.

The 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival at Wakefield Park has been run and won.

The 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival has concluded. It will return in Spring, 2021. Until then, catch up on everything that happened with the wrap-up below.

After going in to hibernation following March’s Autumn Festival, and with a surprise extension to the gap between the two meetings, we were thrilled to finally get back to the track this weekend for the 2020 HSRCA Spring Festival. Let’s take a few moments to recount the action and enjoy some photos.

In our introduction to the wrap-up of the Autumn Festival we noted that it was a meeting that very nearly didn’t go ahead. Such is the nature of this year that, almost six months on, the same fate nearly befell the Spring Festival.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

As we were wrapping up preparations for the meeting; preparing entry lists, programs and garage allocations, we received news of a change in regulations that meant we could no longer run. However, thanks to a lot of work behind the scenes and the support of Wakefield Park, we were able to pull through and secure a new date for the meeting – this past weekend over the 31st of October and 1st of November.

Weather predictions in the week leading up to the event were fairly dire, and Saturday morning bore them out with a damp start followed by a proper downpour in the late morning. This gave a few groups a chance to work on their wet weather racing, but the downpour passed before long and an absolutely stunning Saturday afternoon emerged.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

While Sunday didn’t reach the heights of those conditions, we also didn’t have the rain. This gave competitors a chance to dry out the circuit and by Sunday afternoon even the small lake at the entrance to the kink was preparing to depart.

Speaking of those competitors, we came close to doubling the entries to the Autumn Festival, with 150 names on the entry list and a slightly smaller group making it down to Wakefield Park. Formula Ford, Groups K, L, M and Formula Junior, Groups O, Q and R, Group N, Group S, Formula Vee, Regularity and Super Sprint all ran during the weekend.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

With no set feature and a more relaxed schedule, we were able to provide some special events on Saturday, such as separate races for Group N under and over three-litres, and Group Sa & Sb and Group Sc races. It was actually the first Group N over three-litre race that endured the initial onslaught of the rain on Saturday, Brad Tilley taking the win ahead of Noel Roberts, despite Noel actually setting fastest lap of the race by nearly two seconds.. These grids put fewer cars on the track, but are a boon to competitors who enjoy running together with cars of similar performance characteristics.

The BMC Challenge also made a return and ran in golden light on Saturday afternoon. Damien Meyer repeated his win from the Autumn Festival in his MG Midget, followed by Brian Weston, also aboard a Midget, and Andrew Bergan in a ‘63 Morris Cooper S.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

The Regularity enduro went out early on in Sunday’s running order, with the still-wet track giving drivers challenging conditions to manage over the course of 26 minutes. The BMC team of Richard Rose, MGA, Ed Gavin and Luc Botton in Morris Coopers and Brett Eggleston in a Cooper S won the event, with the team comprised of Kevin Clark, Brian Parkinson and Patrick Townsend runners-up.

Out just before the Regularity enduro was a Group N trophy race, which saw a podium lockout claimed by the Ford Mustangs of Jamie Tilley, David Stone and Harry Bargwanna.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

Due to the prevailing global condition, the Spring Festival ran once again with hard limits on attendance numbers and strict controls and checks upon entry. This meant that we were once again unable to welcome spectators, so the pits, paddock and spectator viewpoints around the track were quieter than usual. However, entrants and their nominated support people made up for it with good spirits and industrious tinkering, and made the circuit just as pleasant a place to be as always.

We do miss the buzz and atmosphere that comes from being able to welcome the broader motor sport community, and look forward to the days when we can welcome everyone again.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

We would like to send a most hearty ‘THANK YOU!’ to all of the volunteers who dedicate their weekends, knowledge and skill to supporting the club. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you, and we are forever grateful for the opportunities you provide.

Our thanks as well to Wakefield Park for hosting our meeting, and for their continued support in navigating not only the prevailing condition, but the ever-changing landscape of community motor sport as well.

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

And finally, a huge thanks to everyone who joined us and supported the Spring Festival! It was great to be back together again after all that’s transpired this year. We can’t wait to do it all again in just three weeks at the Summer Festival.

With that, it’s on to the photos. Please enjoy the following galleries, with thanks to Campbell Armstrong Rider, Riccardo Benvenuti, Jeremy Dale, Mackenzie Green, David Jenkins, Wayne Jones, Steve Koen, Ken Meredith, Mark Richards and Seth Reinhardt. Please click on their names to link through to their websites to see more of their work, or order photos. If you’d like to get in touch with Jeremy, Mackenzie, Steve or Seth, send Seth an email at [email protected].

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Seth Reinhardt

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Campbell Armstrong Rider

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Riccardo Benvenuti

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival, by Jeremy Dale

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Mackenzie Green

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: David Jenkins

2020 Spring Festival: Wayne Jones

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Steve Koen

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Ken Meredith

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival: Mark Richards

2020 HSRCA Spring Festival

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