Six Steps to an Accurate Lap Time

Correctly mounting and looking after your Dorian will ensure accurate lap times and help with the smooth running of your historic racing weekend. Follow the following steps for the best experience:

1. Advise the event secretary of your Dorian number, preferably on your entry.

2. Make sure your Dorian is charged – do not try to ‘top up’ a charge as the first thing they do on the charger is fully discharge!

3. Install your Dorian correctly (see diagrams):

It should be:

    1. mounted within 400mm of the track;
    2. mounted longitudinally in the direction of travel;
    3. charged every three  to four months to keep the battery in good shape;

It should not have:

    1. any metal around the side of it, nor between it and the track;
    2. sandpaper of files used on the contacts (you will destroy them);

If it’s an orange unit, mounted either:

    1. on its side with number to the top (the antenna is in the side opposite the number and lights); or
    2. flat with the contacts facing up or down

4. If you get a message that your Dorian didn’t work or worked intermittently, please check it is charged (green light flashing) and mounted correctly –

    1. Just because you get times, doesn’t mean your Dorian worked, it means volunteers made sure you got timed!
    2. We may not have been able to get a message to you at previous events, so please double check your Dorian, don’t dismiss the message.

5. If you are double entered in a car, each driver needs a Dorian and correct numbers on the car.

6. Make sure your car numbers are clearly legible and you have the correct number on your car – trackside marshals need to be able to read your number when there is an incident.

We are happy to come to your pit area and check the mounting location of your Dorian – so if you aren’t sure or you think its OK but you’ve been told it isn’t, please ask us to look at it!

Correctly Mounting Your Dorian

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