HSRCA Contact Details

PO Box 5063
Turramurra South
NSW 2074

Phone: 02 9988 4743

Fax: 02 9988 4277

Email: Wes Dayton: [email protected]

Website: Seth Reinhardt: [email protected]

Oily Rag: Patrick Quinn: [email protected]


Twitter: www.twitter.com/HSRCA

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/NSWHSRCA

Contacts for the Committee, Registrars and Others


The current HSRCA club positions for 2017/2018 are as follows:

HSRCA club positions for 2017/2018 are as follows:

Elected Members

President: Richard Cardew
Vice President: André Breit
Treasurer: Zach McAfee
Convener of Category Managers: Richard Cardew
General Committee: Daniel BandoTony McCarroll
Ex-Officio: Wes Dayton, Nik Masters, Seth Reinhardt, Lehel Steindl

Category Managers

Our system of category managers continues to work very effectively and they are:

Convener of Category Managers: Richard Cardew
Groups J, K & L: Mal Reid
M&O: Richard Carter
Q&R: Ian Buddery
Group N: Steve Pitman
Group S: Ryan Curnick
Group C & A Touring Cars: Terry Lawlor
Formula Ford: John Pymble
Regularity: David Ellis assisted by Warren de Guara
Formula Vee: Nigel Jones or Kevan Peters
Formula 5000Robert Tweedie

Contacts for Sub-Categories or Invited Groups

Formula Junior: Kim Shearn
Sports 2000s: Mike Gehde
BMW E30: Andrew Larkin
MG and All British Cars Tim Chester
Rusty Nuts: Peter Rose
Sports Sedans: Mark Stockwell
Formula Race Car Association: Tony McAlpine

Other Positions

Club Administrator: Wes Dayton
Club Plates: Rick Marks
Editor – Oily Rag: Patrick Quinn
Trophy Custodian: John Ellacott
Social Events: Garry Simkin, Dave Williamson
Accounts Officer: Robyn Bryen
Grievance Officer: Mark Alchin
Driver Standards Officers: John Leffler, Keith McClelland
Commentary Team Leader: John Murn
Newsletter: Wes Dayton
CAMS Historic Commission Position Occupied by HSRCA Members: Col Haste, Wayne Wilson
Club Historian: Brian Caldersmith
Webmaster:Seth Reinhardt
Photographers: André Breit
Officials Representative: Nik Masters
CAMS Historic Commission Chairman: Bob Cracknell
CAMS Historic Commission Eligibility Chairman:
CAMS FIA Historic Representative: 
CAMS Historic Executive Officer: Trent Price
CMC President: Terry Thompson
Historic Touring Car Association of NSW: Ray Dean
VHRR President: Ian Tate
VHRR Membership Secretary: Debbie Collins
HRCC QLD President: Alan Steel
HRCC QLD Secretary: Peter Gilbert
HRCC QLD Membership Secretary: Jim Goulden
ARDC – Sydney Motorsport Park GM: Glenn Matthews
Wakefield Park Manager: Matthew Baragwanath

Other Organisations

Historic Touring Car Association of NSW
Historic Racing Car Club (Queensland)
Sydney Motorsport Park
VHRR: Victorian Historic Racing Register
Wakefield Park
Group S Racing Association
Historic Formula Ford Association
Formula Ford Association
Formula 5000 Australia
Australian Formula Junior Association
Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia
Golden Era Auto Racing Club
Rusty Nuts Racing