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Event Results

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Sydney Motorsport Park

Sydney Motorsport Park is NSW’s premier race circuit and is located in Western Sydney, near Blacktown.

Our premiere race meeting there is Tasman Festival, with over 400 cars entered, including a wonderful contingent of international historic sports and racing cars. The faster Formula 5000 and Group Q cars are touching 180mph at the end of the main straight!

To download the current HSRCA lap records for this track click the following links:

Sydney Motorsport Park Grand Prix Circuit as at May 2014 [PDF]

Sydney Motorsport Park Brabham Circuit as at June 2013 [PDF]

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Your best bet as far as public transport to the track is concerned would be to take a train to either Doonside or Blacktown station and then catch a taxi.

Click here to visit Sydney Motorsport Park’s own website.

Wakefield Park

Wakefield Park is NSW’s home of club motor sport. Located 2.5 hours south of Sydney near the large country town of Goulburn, Wakefield has a great atmosphere and our meetings there are hugely enjoyable.

To download the current HSRCA lap records for this track click here.

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Click here to visit Wakefield Park’s own website.

Marulan Driver Training Facility

Marulan Driver Training Facility (MDTC) is a new venture built by Garry Willington. To learn more, visit their website by clicking here.