2024 HSRCA Sydney

The 2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic has been run and won. We look forward to the 2024 event at Sydney Motorsport Park. Stay tuned for details.

Friday Practice

Friday Practice will be available as usual and will be conducted by the ARDC and Sydney Motorsport Park. It commences with a compulsory driver’s briefing at 8:00am and the event will start at 8:30am.

Entry and further details are available online at this link.

Sydney Motorsport Park GPS Tracking System

Sydney Motorsport Park has introduced a GPS tracking system for vehicles on track, which requires a transponder to be fitted to your vehicle. This is part of a system that will eventually replace some flag marshal positions and it will also enable a quicker response  time to any incident on track, but at this stage we are assisting the ARDC in trialling the GPS system under race conditions. 

ARDC staff will be available to issue the devices and advise on how to mount them at sign-on for Friday practice and both Saturday and Sunday mornings. These devices require recharging each night, so they need to be returned to the race secretary’s office after your last race each day.

Bump In

Bump-in will be from 5.30 pm on the Thursday. There is another group using parts of the circuit, including the skid pan until then.

The skid-pan will be available for those providing their own accommodation, and any trailers may be left on the skid-pan overnight. Early access to the circuit will be available on Friday.

Paddock Layout and Use

A paddock map is at the above link. Please adhere to this map, particularly in taking up a position on the skid pan. Also, please assist by parking your tender vehicle and trailer in the designated parking areas (not the paddock.)

HSRCA volunteers will be on hand on Thursday evening to assist with paddock management and directions.

Race Meeting Sign On and Scrutineering

Entry passes and HSRCA sign-on will be available in the Hinxman Room from 11:00am Friday morning (practice day). Please bring the following:

  • Proof of membership of an MSA affiliated car club
  • Your completed “Self Statement of Vehicle Compliance” form
  • Your completed “Self-Scrutiny Checklist” form for your appropriate discipline
  • Your vehicle logbook, if applicable

We have allocated two entry passes to each competitor. Your HSRCA member’s card can act as an additional pass, plus one guest. Extra passes are available upon request. Please only take what you need.

This will also include tender vehicle passes. Please insert your race car number on the tender pass.

Saturday Morning Entry

  • If you are not arriving at the circuit until Saturday morning:
  • Entry passes should be available at the gate. Enter the circuit and set up your car at your allocated space
  • Complete your competitor sign-on for the event with the race secretary
  • Drivers’ briefing will be at 8:15am in the Hinxman Room.


RaceFuels have filled the tanks for us ahead of our Sydney Classic meeting. They have permanent bowsers located uphill from race control, which will be operating throughout the weekend.

Three fuels will be available:

  • E-85 Race Blend – $2.45 per litre
  • Elf Race 102 – $4.95 per litre
  • 98RON – $2.65 per litre

The bowsers at SMSP have also been updated with Paywave, so competitors can ‘tap and go’ when they get their fuel. To buy your fuel:

  1. Press 1 on the keypad to begin
  2. Select your required pump
  3. Tap or insert credit card
  4. Enter your required amount in dollars. Enter full dollar amounts, no decimal places
  5. Go to the pump and fill your car or jerry can

If any entrants require Elf Core 50 at the event, this will need to be ordered through fuelorder@racefuels.com.au or by calling the office (03) 9706 5233.

Please note that Elf LMS has been discontinued from France and is now out of stock in Australia. Elf Core 50 is the direct replacement for LMS.

Media Accreditation

Media accreditation is necessary for working photographers who would like greater than spectator access to the 2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic. Please contact us at web@hsrca.com.

Either Motorsport Australia accreditation or proof of personal accident insurance is required in order to be accredited for the meeting.

2023 Sydney Motorsport Park Photographer Regulations and Map [PDF]

Entry to the 2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic at Sydney Motorsport Park is Now Open

Entry is now open for the HSRCA’s 2023 Sydney Classic at Sydney Motorsport Park, to be held over the 10th and 11th of June, with private practice available on Friday the 9th. You are most cordially invited!

Click this link to enter via the Motorsport Australia members’ portal

Join us for our first race meeting of the year, the 2023 Sydney Classic, to be held over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, the 10th and 11th of June, with private practice available on Friday the 9th.

Enter via the Motorsport Australia members’ portal as usual:


The meeting will offer races for all of our usual fifth category vehicles as well as speed events for vehicles manufactured up to the 1990s and invited cars deemed compatible with those groups.

In particular, we are honoured to host Heritage Touring Cars’ inaugural combined grid with 2.0-Litre Super Tourers and Early 5.0-Litre V8s, and look forward to a special Group N endurance race on Sunday.

Despite ever increasing costs, we have kept the entry fee the same as last year in an effort to support our community’s ability to enjoy historic motor racing, particularly as we’re unable to offer more than two events a year due to the state’s circuit circumstances. We appreciate your strong entries in recent years, and hope to see the same for the 2023 Sydney Classic with full grids, and the Hinxman Room packed again for the drivers’ briefing on 10 June including many of our interstate friends.
As always, garages, carports and marquees will be allocated in order of receipt of entries, so first in will be best accommodated. Please place your entries promptly to ensure your desired lodgings.

After the huge impost for marquees and generators for our 2022 Summer Festival, it is necessary to increase the cost of all accommodation types. We have done so to the minimum and hope that you’ll find the rates competitive. Entrants are also most welcome to provide their own shelter on the skid pan as in the past.

We look forward to seeing everyone in just under two months at Sydney Motorsport Park, for an excellent return to racing at the 2023 Sydney Classic, June 9 – 11.

Your HSRCA Race Committee

Latest Updates

Wrapping Up the 2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic

2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic

We were blessed with a picture perfect winter weekend for the 2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic over June 10 – 11, which turned out to be a rather relaxed affair at Sydney’s iconic Sydney Motorsport Park. Fetch a hot beverage and settle in for a few minutes to relive the racing and enjoy a wonderful collection of images from the weekend.

Your 2023 Sydney Classic Entry List, Programme & Competitor Documentation Pack

The 2023 HSRCA Sydney Classic is prepped and ready to run this weekend, June 9 – 11 at Sydney Motorsport Park. The entry list, provisional programme of events and competitor documentation pack are available to download from the following links.

Competitors, please download and prepare your relevant documentation and make sure to read and note the following information, particularly about Sydney Motorsport Park’s new GPS tracking system, and we will look forward to seeing everyone in a few days.