2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Documentation

In tribute to Ron Tauranac, the HSRCA’s 2021 Sydney Classic will bring a collection of significant Brabham and RALT race cars to Sydney Motorsport Park over June 12-13, in an extraordinary weekend of motor racing.

In addition to celebrating Tauranac’s contribution to motor sport with feature races, parade laps and displays of significant Brabham and RALT race cars, the meeting will feature the iconic Group C and A touring cars of the Heritage Touring Cars series. The magnificent machines of MG Racing Australia and Australian 5 Litre Touring Cars also headline the event alongside many other historic race categories. This will be the HSRCA’s first meeting featuring night racing.

Spectator tickets are available online through Eventbrite and will also be available at the gate on the weekend. Click this link to buy a ticket online in the lead-up for the meeting and ensure quicker access on the day.

Kids 12 and under get in free. Adult tickets are $25 for Saturday and $20 for Sunday. Concession tickets are $20 on Saturday and $15 on Sunday. A evening ticket is available for the night racing on Saturday allowing entry after 4:30pm for $10.

Event Documentation:

This has turned out to be a most exciting event, which has been managed under two unusual circumstances. We were thrilled to receive an extraordinarily large number of entries, which peaked at over 260. We then had to manage the last-minute advent of the extended Victorian lockdown, which led to a number of last minute withdrawals.

These two factors made for very complex event planning and multiple changes on the fly. As a result, the programme, garage allocations and the like have had to be changed multiple times in a very short space of time to try to accommodate all entrants. We have made every effort to produce the best result possible, but not all entrants may have received their ideal race program slot or garage allotment as a result.

Your understanding of the above is very much appreciated by the race committee.

2021 Sydney Classic Provisional Programme of Events [PDF] Revised 09/06/21 to remove the Group Q & R night race

2021 Sydney Classic Provisional Entry List [PDF] As at Thursday, June 10

2021 Sydney Classic Driver Briefing [PDF]

2021 Sydney Classic Garage, Carport & Marquee Allocations [PDF]

2021 Sydney Classic Group C & A Garage Allocation [PDF] Group C & A garages, self-allocated

2021 Sydney Classic Paddock Layout [PDF]

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Supplementary Regulations [PDF]

Motorsport Australia Disclaimer [PDF]

Self-Scrutiny – Speed [PDF] (For ALL Regularity and Super Sprint Competitors ONLY)

Self-Scrutiny – Race [PDF] (For ALL Race Competitors ONLY)

Statement of Vehicle Compliance [PDF] (For ALL Race Competitors ONLY)

2021 SMSP Media Briefing Document & Map GP Circuit [PDF] (For accredited media)

Friday Practice

Friday Practice will be available as usual. It typically commences at 9.00 am

ARDC / SMSP will conduct this practice and online entry is available via Sydney Motorsport Park at this link.

The cost is $163 for HSRCA and ARDC members and $193 for non-members.

Bump In

Bump in and set up will be on Thursday evening.

The paddock will be available from 5.00pm (due to another event). The skid pan will be available at this time as well. Sometimes it is available earlier.

Please unload your car and remove your trailer to the designated trailer parking areas.

Paddock Layout and Use

A paddock layout map is provided above. Please adhere to this map, particularly in taking up a position on the skid pan.

Also, please assist by parking your tender vehicle and trailer in the designated parking areas: not the paddock.

HSRCA volunteers will be on hand on Thursday evening to assist with paddock management and directions.

Circuit Entry / COVID Regulations

Under COVID regulations, entry to the circuit will be registered.

Sign On Process and Passes

Please bring with you your pre-completed scrutineering and waiver forms (available above). You need to present these to the admin staff in the Hinxman Room, from Friday morning.

At sign on your will receive: a program, tender pass, admission tickets and a small memorial plaque. Please insert your race car number on the tender pass.

Drivers Briefing

The drivers briefing is available above and will be conducted via email and hard copy handouts. This will take the place of the normal driver’s briefing on a Saturday morning (not held due to COVID restrictions).

Garages and Carports

Entries for this event are very strong, the largest in maybe a decade. All garages and carports were allocated on a ‘first in, first served basis’ and were taken quite early on.

Marquee spaces have been provided by the club as well.

Every possible effort is made to allocate spaces based on entrant requests, car categories and the like. However, with such strong entries, not every request can be met.

Correct Payment

With so many entrants and other arrangements, quite a few competitors may have ended up with a garage, carport or marquee that they did not elect first on their MSA on line entry. Please check your allocation and if there is an additional payment required, you can do this by direct deposit to HSRCA.

Saturday Morning Entry

If you are not arriving at the circuit until Saturday morning, you will need to proceed promptly to sign on as above.


RaceFuels have filled the tanks for us ahead of our Sydney Classic meeting. The bowsers uphill from race control will be operating throughout the weekend.

Elf Race 102, E85 and 98 RON and are all available on demand. Credit cards are accepted, just follow the instructions on the card reader.

Elf LMS FIA race fuel is available in 50L drums for pre-order delivery. Please contact RaceFuels on (03) 9706 5233 or Mark Tierney 0419 511 517 for more information.

98 RON = $2.20 per litre
E85 = $2.20 per litre
Elf Race 102 = $4.95 per litre
50L Drums of Elf LMS FIA are also available = $8.00 per litre

SMSP Bowser Instructions [PDF]

SMSP Bowser Fuel Types [PDF]

Photo Galleries & Wrap-Up: 2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic

We were blessed with an utterly spectacular winter weekend over the 12th & 13th of June, with conditions almost living up to the on-track action at the 2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic, honouring the late Ron Tauranac AO. Put the kettle on and take a break for a few minutes to relive the action and enjoy a huge collection of photos from the meeting.

After an arctic blast brought winter to Sydney in a big way during the week, we were quick to thaw out at Sydney Motorsport Park, enjoying near-perfect conditions that persisted throughout the weekend. This was an especially pleasant change following on from the Autumn Festival’s torrential rain and the blast furnace we ran the 2020 Summer Festival in.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic

While the atmospheric conditions were stunning, the prevailing global condition remains what it is, and more than a few spanners were thrown into the works in the lead-up to the event. Our display of significant Brabham and RALT cars and MG Racing Australia were particularly hard hit by the Victorian lockdown, and the absence of our Victorian friends was felt throughout the paddock.

Nevertheless, thanks to some herculean efforts behind the scenes, we were able to get everything in place and the meeting was a great success, bringing one of the biggest entries we’ve seen in years to the circuit for two days and one evening of motor racing.

The action kicked off on Friday morning with private practice hosted by the circuit, giving competitors an opportunity to test, tune and settle in ahead of the meeting proper. By the time the sun was up on Saturday morning the circuit was wide awake with everyone preparing for qualifying and the action didn’t let up until around 8:00pm, when the Group C & A cars of Heritage Touring Cars saw the chequered flag of their night race. Despite the late finish, everyone was back at it with the sparrows on Sunday morning for another full day of racing.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic

The circuit barely went quiet during the whole weekend, and on the odd moment it did, the pits and paddock maintained a happy buzz thanks to the return of spectators for the first time since we entered the new normal at the Autumn Festival last year. It was great to see the parking hill full of cars and the roof of the pit building full of people again and we thoroughly enjoyed spending a weekend with the broader community of historic racing fans.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Group S

With near-perfect conditions and great fields throughout the entry, there was thoroughly enjoyable motor sport on offer throughout the weekend, whether you were driving or spectating. The Group S field in particular was magnificent, coming very close to track density and providing some close and exciting racing every time they went out. Wayne Seabrook had a great weekend, winning all three races including Saturday evening’s night race.

The fourth race late on Sunday afternoon ended early after an incident on the main straight. MGB GT driver Greg Smith spent a few nights under observation in hospital, but is now home, on the mend and already making plans to do the same for his MG. Greg expressed his thanks to everyone who rallied around him on the day, and helped to trailer his car back from the track.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Group N

Group N and the Heritage Touring Cars both put together strong fields and some excellent races. Brad Tilley in the ’66 Ford Mustang was unassailable, winning all four races. In fact it was Mustangs that locked out the podium for the whole weekend, except for the final race when Mini Cooper S driver Andrew Bergan climbed to third.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Heritage Touring Cars

Heritage Touring Cars enjoyed a longer feature race on Sunday afternoon, which was won by Anthony Alford in the iconic Nissan GTR R32 Skyline. Anthony and the mighty ‘Godzilla’ were unstoppable all weekend and the Skyline, along with the rest of the field, was great to see in action recapturing such an iconic era of Australian motor racing.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic

On the other end of the power to weight spectrum, Formula Ford and Formula Vee & Group L ran in two closely-competed fields. Their drafting-heavy, closely matched racing is great fun to watch and this weekend was no exception. In Formula Vee & Group L Mathew Pearce and Stephen Normoyle were closely matched all weekend, winning two races each. William Lowing won two of the four Formula Ford races, with Harrison Cooper taking out the night race and Bruce Connolly grabbing Sunday morning’s race.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Benetton Formula 1

Group Q & R Sports and Racing had a good weekend, bringing an interesting and storied selection of cars out to play. Although perennial front runner Tom Tweedie kept him honest in the mighty Elfin MS7, the 1986 Benetton Formula 1 car piloted by Joshua Kean was too quick, winning both of Sunday’s combined events.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic M & O

With nine Brabhams entered into the Group M, O & P races and other Brabham and RALT cars throughout the entry, the development efforts of Ron Tauranac were well demonstrated over the weekend. Sean Whelan was in a class of his own, and claimed victory in all four races in a 1969 Brabham BT30. Paul Hamilton snuck his Elfin 600 onto the podium in race one, but Leslie Wright and David Kent ensured an all-Brabham podium for races two, three and four.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Super Sprint

Regularity and Super Sprint brought large and varied fields to the event, and are always fun to watch as they encourage interesting and historic machines to hit the track. Richard Carter was quickest in all four sprints, pedaling the Renmax 23B to a weekend best of 1:44.59. In Regularity, David Ellis won two events, with Bruce Melville and Craig Anderson also making visits to the top of the tables.

A huge thanks to all of our competitors not only for bringing your cars out for a great meeting, but also for your patience in the run-up to the event as we dealt with the fallout from the Victorian lockdown, and your cheerful cooperation and clean driving throughout the meeting. Things ran very smoothly all weekend, in no small part thanks to you. Thank you!

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Officials

As always, a very special thank you to the many volunteers who contributed to the Sydney Classic. A huge amount of work goes into making a race meeting like this happen – especially one as large and complex as this – and we would not be able to do it without you. Thank you!

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Organisers

Thank you from Rod, Wayne, Mark and the HSRCA committee for your support of the Sydney Classic. Put August 28th and 29th in your diaries and join us for a weekend away at the Spring Festival at Wakefield Park.

With that, let’s move on to the photos. Click through the following galleries, and enjoy.

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Sam Snape

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Peter Schell

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Stuart Row

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Mark Richards

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Seth Reinhardt

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Brent Murray

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Steve Koen

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Craig King

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: David Jenkins

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Andrew Hall

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Riccardo Benvenuti

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Campbell Armstrong Rider

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic: Riccardo Benvenuti

Thanks to Campbell Armstrong Rider, Riccardo Benvenuti, Andrew Hall, David Jenkins, Craig King, Steve Koen Brent Murray, Mark Richards, Stuart Row, Peter Schell and Sam Snape for covering the event, and sharing their images!

Please click their names to head to their websites and get in touch if you’d like to see more or order images. If you’d like to get in touch with Craig, please contact him here, or if you would like to reach out to Peter, Steve or Seth, or are looking for something in particular, send Seth an email at [email protected].

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Sunset


Autumn Festival – 20 – 21 March, 2021 at Wakefield Park

Sydney Classic – 12 – 13 June, 2021 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Spring Festival – 28 – 29 August  at Wakefield Park

Summer Festival – 27 – 28 November at Sydney Motorsport Park

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Photo Galleries & Wrap-Up: 2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic

2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic Brabham BT66

We were blessed with an utterly spectacular winter weekend over the 12th & 13th of June, with conditions almost living up to the on-track action at the 2021 HSRCA Sydney Classic, honouring the late Ron Tauranac AO. Put the kettle on and take a break for a few minutes to relive the action and enjoy a huge collection of photos from the meeting.