Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival Practice Under Way


Trailers are towed in, unpacked and turned into road warrior garages. Magnificent machines from all over the world and across the gamut of history are rolled down ramps, off trailers and in through the gates.

Bodywork rests beside naked machinery. Wheels wait patiently to be lifted into place and tyres look forward to melting against the tarmac once more.

Checks, double-checks and triple checks are made before thunderous engines are fired up to propel drivers through practice laps as driver and machine reaffirm their bond, finding lines and testing limits.

Thursday’s private practice is well under way, the lights are green and the 2010 Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival is off and running! We look forward to seeing you for qualifying and the start of races tomorrow!

Tickets will be sold at the gate from tomorrow. The weather is fantastic, so remember to bring sun protection and plenty of water!

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