All Historic Winter Eastern Creek Gallery


The circuit at Eastern Creek International Raceway shone with the polished panels of a magic collection of perfectly prepared historic racing cars this weekend, as the HSRCA and friends settled in for three days of historic motorsport in the sunshine.

And what a weekend it was! The weather kindly forgot that it’s actually supposed to be winter for the weekend, and we got down to the business of turning in 180 laps of Eastern Creek as quickly as possible. The racing over the weekend was clean, fun and always action packed, and the entire venue was full of great people having fun with their friends and some historic sports and racing cars.

Our first photo gallery from the weekend is online on our gallery page, and you can get to it directly by clicking this very link.

Stefan Trajkovski has also been kind enough to share his photographs from the weekend on the club’s Facebook page, and you can check them out by hitting this link to his Flickr gallery.

Our community of historic racing fans on Facebook has been bustling over the weekend, and we would love you to join in. Head to and say hi!

We would also love to share and promote your talents on the club website. So if you were out photographing, filming, recording a few hot laps, or just have a great story to tell, send me an email at, or drop by our Facebook page, and let us know.

Next up we have the Australian Specials feature event at Wakefield Park in September. Can’t wait!

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