Previously, at Eastern Creek International Raceway


In just over three weeks’ time, the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association and friends will be firing up a glorious collection of historic racers and rumbling out to Eastern Creek International Raceway for a weekend of historic motorsport.

It’s shaping up to be a wonderful weekend, and well worth the visit whether you’re there to drive, spectate, socialise or lend a hand.

Entry forms and related documents are available by clicking the following link, or heading to our ‘Events‘ or ‘Entry Forms‘ pages:

Our previous trip to Eastern Creek was for the mighty Tasman Revival. Four days of foot-to-the-floor historic motorsport celebrating the Tasman Series and the cars, and people, that made it. The event was a great success and brought together brilliant drivers, motorsport legends, friends, a wonderful collection of historic sports and racing cars, and the fans that love them.

Click the following links for the daily wrap-ups from each day of the event:

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

And these links for photo galleries from the event:

Riccardo Benvenuti

Jeremy Dale

Seth Reinhardt

Peter Schell

Looking to the future, we have a very special event planned for September, when we bring back the successful Australian Specials feature for out next weekend at Wakefield Park. This event will feature races for pre-war and post-war genuine Australian racing specials up to 1961, and much more. Click this link for more information, or contact J K L registrar Dick Willis. Please spread the word, as there are many eligible cars and drivers out there that we may not know about, and who would enjoy this special event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Eastern Creek on the 25th and 26th of June!

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