The Aussie Specials of September’s Wakefield Park Historics

Preparations for our September Wakefield Park Historics event are in full swing, and we’re all looking forward to hitting the track again!

As you know, we will be repeating the Australian Specials feature that we have run very successfully in the past at Wakefield Park. Let’s take a moment to have a look at what an Aussie Special actually is, and get to know a few of the cars.

For the purposes of our event, an Aussie Special is a one off car built in Australia before the end of 1960, with a racing history established in that period. Typically these are specially built by individuals, but small factory cars such as Nota, JWF and Buchanan are eligible because those built in the period are one offs and no two are the same. We are also including a few front engined cars later than 1960, which are usually invited to run in our JKL races and represent pre 1961 technology. Currently built Jb and Kb cars are not eligible.

Below we have a gallery of period shots showing a selection of the cars which will be present at Wakefield Park.

First up is the Kleinig Hudson at Bathurst in 1939, the Ausca, which was the first car to use the Repco Cross flow head fitted to a Holden Motor, and one of our best known Aussie Specials – the Patterson/Brydon MG Special.

The Citroen Special shown here at the King Edward Park Hillclimb, Newcastle in 1955 was unusual in retaining the front wheel drive from the Citroen sedan from which it took its mechanicals. The cars that follow are the Sharp Holden as “discovered” in the late 70’s, before being resurrected for Historics, and the Stewart MG, a rear-engined car and one of our most revolutionary Aussie Specials.

Last, but certainly not least, is the start of the Group C Racing race at Bathurst in 1955. Bill Ford leads MG and Citroen Specials, who are being chased down by a horde of MG Specials.

Thanks to Dick Willis for the scans and descriptions!

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