JKL Newsletter for September 2011

Two weeks out from our Wakefield Park Spring Historics and Aussie Specials feature, JKL’s racing registrar, Dick Willis, has released his newest edition of the JKL newsletter. It has been sent out to members in their chosen formats, and is available for download from the website here, along with the JKL For Sale list here.

The JKL guys have a busy weekend ahead of them at Wakefield Park, with a strong turnout of JKL cars and Aussie Specials expected, and have been getting up to plenty of historic racing over the past month. So check out the newest edition of the newsletter, and look forward to next month’s!

We’re planning some fun content from the Wakefield Park event, so make sure to keep coming back to www.hsrca.com and www.facebook.com/hsrca over the coming weeks to check it out.

Download the newsletter here:

JKL September 2011 Newsletter [DOC]

JKL September 2011 For Sale [DOC]

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