Election of the 2011/2012 HSRCA Committee

Wakefield Park Historic Racing

Thanks to those members who were able to make the Annual General Meeting. Those who were there on the night or were following the news on our website leading up to the AGM would have noticed that the 2011/2012 committee is slightly different in structure to that of the previous year. A new portfolio of Promotions Officer has been established and there is only one General Member position rather than three.

There were single nominations for election for each of the roles of the committee other than for the general Committee position. The single nominees were accepted by the voting membership with the nominees exceeding the required 75% approval rating in each case.

The position of General Member was contested by Evan Jones and Noel Gibson with Evan receiving the majority of the votes on the night. Special thanks to Noel for nominating and being ready to give of his time notwithstanding that if elected he would knew he would need to travel from Port Macquarie to Sydney fairly regularly to participate as a committee member.

Bruce Richardson is of course an ex officio direct appointment as immediate past President of HSRCA.

The make up of the 2011/2012 committee is as follows:

  • President : David Medley
  • Immediate Past President : Bruce Richardson
  • Vice President : David Kent
  • Secretary : Tony McCarroll
  • Treasurer : Brian Pymble
  • Competition Secretary : Noel Bryen
  • OH&S Portfolio : Mark Alchin
  • Chief of Registers : Richard Cardew
  • Social Secretary : Garry Hancock
  • Promotions Officer : David Roberts
  • General Committee : Evan Jones

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