JKL Newsletter for October 2011

JKL Newsletter

Fresh from a massive weekend of historic motorsport at Wakefield Park, JKL’s racing registrar, Dick Willis, has sent out his latest newsletter to members in their chosen formats. It is now available for download on the website here, along with the JKL For Sale list here.

The JKL drivers and their pre-1930s to 1960 era vintage, post-vintage, and historic sports and racing cars had a massive weekend at Wakefield Park, with many taking part in the very successful Aussie Specials feature along with their normal events. This month’s edition of the JKL Newsletter takes a thorough, entertaining and very knowledgeable look at the weekend, and is well worth a read. Download it below, and enjoy!

Download the newsletter here:

JKL October 2011 [DOC]

JKL For Sale October 2011 [DOC]

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