JKL Newsletter for November 2011

JKL’s incredibly dedicated registrar, Dick Willis, has sent out the newest edition of his excellent JKL newsletter to members in their chosen formats. It is now available for download on the website here.

Some sad news for JKL this month, as there were not enough entries to form a full field at our upcoming Eastern Creek historics. I really enjoy seeing those lovely old cars giving it the beans out on the track, and they’re always a success with spectators and drivers alike, so let’s do what we can to support them! We all look forward to seeing them back better than ever next year.

There’s good news as well, with the JKL drivers and their pre-1930s to 1960 era vintage, post-vintage, and historic sports and racing cars taking to Sandown for more historic action after their massive weekend at Wakefield Park.  The newsletter looks at at their adventures in Queensland, as well as all the usual classic car content.

Thanks to Dick Willis for putting together the newsletter and for his tireless support of JKL!

Download the newsletter here:

JKL November 2011 [DOC]

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