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Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

We’ve just over two weeks until it’s time for the road trip to Wakefield Park and our first weekend of historic racing for the year. This time out we’ll be running group M & O feature events, along with events for all of our other historic racing categories. We’re excited to get back out to the track and are looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Before we go, let’s take a moment to reminisce about our previous visit to Wakefield Park, which took place in September last year.

We were greeted by a typical Goulburn spring, which produced some exciting and challenging conditions for the drivers, but did little to dissuade them from putting on a weekend of clean and exciting historic racing. We held an Aussie Specials feature event, which was a tremendous success, brought out some lovely and unique cars and kept them very busy out on the circuit. All in all, a fun and friendly weekend!

Click the following links for our wrap-ups, videos and photo galleries from the event:

Wakefield Park Spring Historics Wrap-Up and Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery by Riccardo Benvenuti: Wakefield Park Spring Historics

Wakefield Park Track Action from Peter Schell and Richard Taylor

Wakefield Park Track Action Gallery from Phillip Clark

Videos: Go On-board for Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Video: On-board Historics at Wakefield Park

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