News Bulletin: Original Circuit for Winter Historics

After originally planning to run the new long circuit, the club will be reverting back to the original circuit layout we all know and love when we return to Sydney Motor Sport Park this month for our Winter Historics event.

A great deal of feedback from Group S and Formula Ford, who ran there last weekend, along with discussions with many drivers, has helped us to conclude that the original layout will produce the most enjoyable racing for all during this event.

We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone out there, and will see you soon! Happy racing!

1 thought on “News Bulletin: Original Circuit for Winter Historics”

  1. The new track extensions will be fantastic for club sport and Supersprints, which is what I understand it was designed for originally. However, the old format suits the bigger and faster cars as far as I can see. At least we now have options. Thanks, ARDC.


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