JKL Newsletter for December 2012

Steve McQueen

JKL’s, brilliant, tireless and passionate registrar, Dick Willis, has wrapped up his year of newsletters and his term as registrar with a bumper edition that’s now available for download right here from the club website.

This massive edition runs through the many exploits of  pre-1930s, ’30s, ’40s and ’50s historic racing and sports cars at the Tasman Revival, wraps up the annual pointscores, checks out Return of the Thunder at Sandown, catches up on all the gossip in JKL, features some frank discussion about CAMS and a whole lot more.

Download it by right clicking the following link and selecting ‘Save As’:

JKL December 2012 [PDF]

Dick has been unrelentingly passionate and absolutely tireless in his support, promotion and love of JKL and we, and I’m sure everyone involved in JKL, are sincerely grateful for his immeasurable contributions both to these particular cars and the people who drive them, and the sport at large.

We can’t wait to catch up again in February at Wakefield Park, which traditionally has a very strong showing of JKL drivers!

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