Upcoming Events for your Calendars

historic racing events

A big thanks to everyone who attended our Marulan Time Trials and Come and Try Day over the weekend! We had a great day and appreciate the support.

Our next big historic racing meet is at Sydney Motorsport Park at the end of June, and there’s plenty going on to keep you entertained in the interim, with two events coming up that we’d particularly like to bring to your attention.

Up first is a club plate run on Sunday the 5th of May. Participants should assemble at the big truck parking area on the old Pacific Highway just north of the Berowa railway station. For UBD map holders itʼs around P8 on map 94; for Sydways users try E4 on map 176. Please arrive at 9:30am for a 10:00am start.

The plan is for an easy run including a stop for a lunch at a golf club or the like. Youʼll be home in plenty of time for dinner. Any questions etc to Garry Simkin on 02-9958 3935 or David Gleen on 02-9918 8092.

Then at the end of May Garry Simkin has organised one of the great drivers to attend and talk to us during our May club social meeting – John Harvey, who drove on the dirt in midgets during the sixties, raced Minis and a Twin Cam Brabham, which would be re-engined with a Repco, raced a McLaren Sports car and stomped around in various touring cars. An illustrious career that should be celebrated. This should be a very interesting evening with all areas of motorsport covered. Please attend.

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