Previously, at Sydney Motorsport Park

Tasman Revival

In just a few days it’s time to pack up our historic racing and sports cars, family and friends, and head out to Sydney Motorsport Park for our second historic racing outing of the year.

So – first things first. Everything you’ll need to get ready for the weekend will be up on our ‘Events’ page, which you can get to by clicking this link.

Tasman Revival

Once you’re set up and ready to go, spend a minute getting into the groove by reminiscing about our previous visit to Sydney Motorsport Park, which was back in November of 2012 for the mighty Tasman Revival.

The Tasman Revival packed Sydney Motorsport Park with everything historic motorsport for a weekend so long it started on a Wednesday, and you can check out all of the photos and stories from the event by perusing the links below:

Tasman Revival Wrap-Up and Photo Galleries

Photo Gallery: Jeremy Braithwaite

Photo Gallery: Christopher Dobie of Southern Drive

Photo Gallery: Matt Hart

Photo Gallery: Roderick Mackenzie

Photo Gallery: Brent Murray of At Speed Images

Photo Gallery: Seth Reinhardt of the HSRCA

Photo Gallery: Rob Scheeren

Photo Gallery: Peter Schell

Photo Gallery: Richard Taylor

Tasman Revival 2012: Tom Taylor

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