Historic Winter Galleries by Brent Murray & Richard Taylor

Historic Racing by Richard Taylor

Today we catch up on all the action out on the track at our June 2013 Winter Historics thanks to a set of brilliant photo galleries kindly provided by Brent Murray and Richard Taylor.

Historic Racing by Brent Murray

Brent braved the elements to produce some excellent lights-on, spray-flying shots of the racing, with a stop by the pits, paddock and dummy grid to capture the vibe there as well.

You can check out his full gallery on our site here. Make sure to head to his Facebook here for more.

Historic Racing by Richard Taylor

Richard has captured some stunning shots of everyone playing in the rain, and some particularly nice images of the Group S endurance race which took place as the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and blanketed Sydney Motorsport Park in a golden glow late on Sunday afternoon.

Check out his gallery here, and make sure to head to his website here for his full set from the weekend.

Thanks to Brent Murray and Richard Taylor for photographing our event and sharing their work!

Photography by Brent Murray

And Richard Taylor

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