Photo Gallery: Sydney Photo Fun at our Historic Summer 2013


Image: Charlene

Sydney Photo Fun is a Meetup group which promotes learning and practical photography by getting out into the world, taking photos and sharing the experience with a like-minded and fun group of people. A group from the meetup joined us at Sydney Motorsport Park in November to capture our Historic Summer event, and have kindly provided a gallery of their work for you here!

Their work captures everything from the pits and paddock to the action on the track, and is uniformly excellent.

Hit this link to check out their full gallery, and enjoy.

Special thanks to Charlene, Alan Clarke, Jo Forbes, Richard Kerslake, Ian Leong, Michelle McCue and Neil Scott for the photography.

Via Sydney Photo Fun

Ian Leong

Image: Ian Leong


Image: Michelle McCue


Image: Neil Scott


Image: Richard Kerslake


Image: Alan Clarke

Historic Racing by Jo Forbes

Image: Jo Forbes

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