JKL Newsletter for January 2014

JKL Newsletter

Firstly, a belated happy New Year to everyone. I hope that you all had a very pleasant time over the festive season and that Santa was good to you. Did he leave you a new race suit or helmet (or maybe a new Brabham)? One can only hope.

It seems like only a few weeks ago that Eastern Creek (sorry Sydney Motor Sport Park) was run and won. Sadly for me I was unable to attend as the Prad is still in a thousand bits, but Garry Simkin was there along with I think 8-9 other JKL’s, and has very kindly put this report together for me.

In the lead up to the HSRCA s November 2013 Summer meeting held at Eastern Creek , make that Sydney Motorsport Park, the weather forecasters had indicated that heavy rain was due across the Sydney basin around midday Saturday. Cue Lb practice-qualifying, you guessed it, midday Saturday. Seemed to be a lot more than just heavy rain from where I was sitting at that time.

Having had one spin, seen another car against the unforgiving concrete wall on a straight piece of track and deciding I didn’t need to do unpaid repair work I tip- toed around and snagged the 23rd place on the 23 car grid. A lack of a differential in the Cooper and a lack of talent by the driver also contributed to this situation. Luckily the Saturday afternoon race saw clear skies and the mixed field of Sa and Na cars padded out the rather poor Lb field. Fortunately Sunday’s weather remained fine. Many of the regular Lb runners were no-shows which is a shame as the GP circuit is great to run on, some Lb competitors feel the straight is a little long for their cars but it wasn’t holding Andrew Halliday back in his little 500cc Cooper as he won the Sunday morning handicap race.

JKL Newsletter

Bruce Richardson has stepped back from driving duties in the Nota Minx and had Rob Leslie take the wheel to good effect. A better solution than having a perfectly fine car sitting around not being used. Rob placed well in the three races he contested.

Grant Craft was doing double duty, competing in M+O races in his recently acquired Brabham FJ as well as Lb races in the superb sounding Sharp Holden where he managed two second places and first Lb car. Dick Willis chose the Nota Major from his fleet of cars to run and placed 6th in Saturdays race, DNFd the handicap and ran no more. Assisting Dick was Brian Coe who was doing his bit for Movember by having just a moustache on just one side, all for a good cause. James Elphick finished all his races in the Gazelle Ford 10 as did Peter McKnight in the 1956 Aaron Lotus, all the way from Victoria and a good supporter of our events.

Next local event for our Lb cars is Wakefield Park in February, entries are out now. There are no races for Lb at the next Eastern Creek meeting in May so try to make this one. Also mark your calendar for the Morgan Park meet in July, another great track suitable for Lb cars and the Queenslanders make us very welcome.

Safe racing in 2014, Garry Simkin.

As Garry has mentioned entries for Wakefield Park are out now. To date entries are very thin from our group but hopefully a few more late comers will commit and we can have a reasonable field.

Just a few bits of news from “Around the Pits”.

A note from Matt Lawler son of the late Peter Lawler informing me that his father (cousin of Brian Lawler) recently passed away, and that the family have in their possession the replica Stewart Special (Stewart MG) that was built and taken to Wakefield Park by Gordon Stewart just before he died. He is keen to find a buyer and can be contacted at mattnrach.lawler@gmail.com.

Adrian Brooks has the beautiful Bill Pile MG for sale. This is one of the best looking specials around with a great history to boot with a continuous documented racing history from March 1956 to date. It is probably the prettiest TC on the track in part due to the body work by Garry Cooper in SA. It has a current CAMS Lb Logbook and C of D. It comes with a fully enclosed registered trailer and is priced at $60,000. If you are interested or like some more information please ring Adrian Brooks on Mobile 0438 383 941.

Dick Willis sent this onto me for anyone needing spares:

A friend of mine has a collection of 1934 Morris 10/6 parts that he would like to clear out of his workshop. It comprises: chassis, engine (1300cc 6 cyl.), gearbox, radiator & grille.

Could make an interesting special. Inexpensive. Contact Brian on 9452 1821.

Noel Tuckey also has his Australian Monoposto Special for sale:

Ford Ten based, Group K (b) Australian Monoposto Special for sale
Supercharged, fresh 1172cc engine, Hollinger close ratio gearbox.
Hartford shocks, excellent Ford brakes, all new tyres.
Built by Qld’s Wally Anderson as a replica of his first car which he
created and raced in Tasmania in 1948/49.
Weighs just 340kg. Tops 170 km/hr. S/S 400m in 14.69 sec.
Comes with Log Book and some spares.
Priced to sell at $18,000 – Contact Noel Tuckey – 07 54941605.

No other news for now but will have a full report after WP.

Thanks again to Garry for his report and if you have something to say let me know.

Cheers and safe racing,

Mal Reid
Ph 0412630615

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