Sydney Retro Speedfest Historic Racecar Profile: 1986 Benetton BMW

1986 Benetton BMW

1986 Benetton BMW: B186-05 F1 1.5-litre turbo
Ex Gerhard Berger and Teo Fabi

The 1986 Benettons were, and it is believed still are, the most powerful F1 cars ever raced.

This car (chassis 05) driven by Gerhard Berger, racing at Monza, with momentarily a 5.5 bar boost [79 lbs.], briefly produced an estimated 1300hp, and was recorded at 351.22 km/h (218.23 mph) through the speed trap, the outright fastest car of the season.

Engine: BMW M12/13, 1499cc, 4-cylinder turbo
Transmission: Benetton 6-speed manual
Weight: 548 kg (1208 lbs.)
Chassis: Moulded carbon fibre composite monocoque
Designer: Rory Byrne

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