Sydney Retro Speedfest Photo Gallery Catchup

Historic Racing by Neil Scott

Image: Neil Scott

We’ve had a wonderful response to the inaugural running of the Sydney Retro Speedfest and have enjoyed hearing from the many talented photographers who covered the event.

Chris Raper, Rhys Vandersyde, Carol PhilpottPeter Schell and the Sydney Photo Fun Meetup group have very kindly shared a selection of their work here on the site, which you can check out on our ‘Gallery’ page.

Historic Racing by Rhys Vandersyde

Image: Rhys Vandersyde

Rhys Vandersyde captures the historic racing action that went down over the weekend in his gallery, which you can check out in full here.

Make sure to head to his official website here for a whole lot more and to organise prints or images.

Historic Racing by Peter Schell

Image by Peter Schell

Catch up on all of the trophy presentations and on track action with Peter Schell’s gallery, which you can find right here.

Historic Racing by John Hatton

Image: John Hatton

Sydney Photo Fun is a Meetup group which promotes learning and practicing photography by getting out into the world, taking photos and sharing the experience with a like-minded and fun group of people. The group joined us at Sydney Motor Sport Park Sydney Retro Speedfest, and have kindly provided some of their shots for display here on the website.

Check out their full gallery here, featuring shots by Charlene Carpenter, John Hatton, Neil Scott and Lindsay Woods.

Historic Racing by Carol Philpott

Image: Carol Philpott

Carol Philpott has very kindly provided us with a huge gallery of the historic sports and racing car action on Saturday, and you can find it all right here.

Make sure to head to her website here, and her Facebook page here, for more, and to organise prints or images.

Historic Racing by Chris Raper

Image: Chris Raper

Finally, head trackside with Chris Raper in his gallery here, and make sure to check his work out on Facebook.

Thanks to all of the photographers who have shared their work with us here. Please make sure to hit their links and take a look at their work in full, and support them if you enjoy their work.

Photographers: Charlene Carpenter, John Hatton, Carol Philpott, Chris Raper, Neil Scott, Rhys Vandersyde and Lindsay Woods

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  1. Dear ARDC,
    The whole Retro Speedfest was one fantastic weekend and a credit to all who put in the hard yards to organise. For me, I greatly appreciated you allowing us to camp on site in our motor home. I had my grandson with me & it made the weekend that much more enjoyable. I can understand camping being an issue for outfits that are not fully self sufficient but could it be considered for future events to allow fully self contained outfits to prop on site for the duration of the meeting. Again I thank you for bending the rules. I can’t think of any improvements you need to make, just keep on doing what you have been doing & bring on the next event !!!
    Kind regards,
    Norm Bolitho
    Volvo 142S grp Nc


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