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JKL June

Hi to all JK & L enthusiasts,

The 38th Historic Winton has come and gone once again. Every year it seems to sneak up on us and in a blink it’s all over. For all JK & L competitors it really is the biggest event of the year, both in terms of competition numbers and spectators that get to see our cars in action. The off circuit socialising was, as usual, pretty hectic. I can only comment on those that stayed at Wangaratta, but it was great to catch up with many of our interstate mates at the Pinsent Hotel for a beer or 6.

The weather is usually a contentious issue and this year I think we all got off pretty lightly, with steady rain for private practice on Friday and mild dry conditions for the rest of the weekend. Times for Saturday practice were all a little slow following the rain but everyone seemed to get quicker as the weekend progressed. 

Bob Schapel was the exception with a great 1.12.79 sec lap in a very busy LB qualifying (35 cars) to claim pole and it would turn out that Bob would have everyone’s measure for the whole weekend with 2 great wins in the scratch races. Quickest time for the Lb group for the meeting went to Brian Simpson in the MK3 Cooper Jap with a 1.12.12. The top 3 cars in the feature Mark Dymond Trophy race finished close enough to throw a blanket over them and all setting fastest laps in the 12’s. Top drives from Samantha Dymond 2nd (Lola Mk1) and Graeme Marks 3rd (Mac-Healey). 

Max Pegram (Gemini FJ) and Brian Simpson were also in close company with the top 3 and then came the next group of Shane Bowden (Prad), Dick O’Keefe (Photon), Warwick McBean (Lolus) and Mick Arnold (reunited with his old car the Sharp Holden). These guys put on a great show with some pretty close racing. The Lb Girl and Boys had some good close racing in the 6 lapper on Saturday as well with only 9 seconds separating the first 9 cars! 

The Coad Memorial Trophy race was a 5 lap handicapper on Sunday morning and this was won by Peter Lubrano (MGTC) from Richard Townley (Patterson-Brydon MGTC) in a very close finish and James Elphick (Gazelle Ford 10). In a field of 28 cars it was pretty hard for the scratch marks to fight their way to the front but the handicap races at Winton are always very exciting to watch with much dicing for places in only a few laps. 

J & Ks as usual had good field of cars, (maybe a little down on numbers with 20 practicing) over previous years. Many of the older cars (and drivers) seem more comfortable running in regularity these days and this seems to be the case at most meetings. Disappointing too was that only one Austin 7 (Ian Motley) was entered for competition over the weekend in what is the Austin 7 Clubs premier meeting for the year.

In practice Peter Wilson (Ford V8 Sp) surprised Jim Russell (Ford V8Sp) by taking pole with David Steward (Dodge Spc) Gerard Miller (Plymouth Spc) and Peter Stratton (Ford V8) filling the top 5 spots.

The 5 lap scratch on Saturday was a run-a-way Stumpy Russell affair from David Stewart and a much quicker Patrick Ryan in the very pretty MGTC monoposto. Gerard Miller, Peter Stratton, Dave Shannon’s beaut Riley Donnington special, Matt Snape (Amilcar Willys) Brian Parkinson (Harris Spc), Frank Cuttells wonderful looking and sounding Armstrong Siddley s/c, and the lone Austin 7 of Ian Motley rounded out the top 10 places.

Sunday morning’s Lou Molina Trophy race was almost a re-run of the previous day’s race except that Patrick Ryan couldn’t withstand the might of the big grunters (Ford V8s, Plymouth and Dodge 6s) and was relegated back to 5th, and Gerard Miller jumped a couple of places to swap Dave Stewart for 2nd.

The Pre-War feature 8 lap race, the Col Arthur Waite Trophy, was another Jim Russell walk over as he powered away to a fine win and fastest J&K time for the meeting of 1.15.37. Patrick Ryan loved the extra 3 laps over the previous 5-lappers and prevailed over all the bigger-engined cars with a fine 2nd from David Stewart in 3rd. Graham Sharley (Redback Spc) made it into the top 10 (7th) as did Brian Parkinson 8th, Frank Cuttell 9th, and John Lackey (MGTA) 10th. Other cars of note in the field were the mighty little Sulman Singer (Dave Reid), the most attractive Talbot Darracq of Noel Cunningham, Rob Rowe’s wild little Roadmaster Speedcar, Stuart Steinfort MGPA, and Steen Pedersen in the spectacularly driven blue Salmon GP.

Overall it was another good gathering of men, women and machines and as usual great to catch up with old mates from distant places. 

Another event held earlier in April was the Queensland HRCC Autumn Morgan Park meeting. I didn’t attend but David Bruce has filed this report of the meeting for me.

JKL Report Historic Racing Car Club Autumn race meeting Morgan Park 5 & 6 April 2014

We only had 5 JK & L entrants for this meeting, Dick Willis in the fast Nota Major, Nick Daunt in the Cooper type 39 (the bob tail) Rob Harcourt in the big 3000cc  1927 Lancia Meadows Group JB, Peter Yeomans in the very desirable Lotus eleven Lemans and David Bruce in the very pretty Ford Prefect powered WRM.

Because of the small field we were grouped to run with the formula V’s. As the V’s were in a separate class I have not included their placing.

The weather on Friday and Saturday was perfect Autumn Warwick weather.

Our first event on Saturday was a seven lapper, with starting positions decided by practice times the rest of the races were by finishing position of the previous race. The results of this race were Dick Nota 1st.  Formula V 2nd Nick Cooper 3rd , Rob Lancia 5th , Peter Lotus 8th and David WRM bringing up the rear. Dick was kind enough to slow his last lap to 1:40.664 so I was not lapped.

The weather forecast for Sunday was for showers and so it proved to be.

Event 13 was our first race on Sunday a six lapper. The results were Dick Nota 1st, Formula V 2nd, Nick Cooper 3rd , Rob Lancia 4th Peter Lotus 8th and David WRM 8th. I had a good race with Peter we drove in very close contact for the six laps, our race times for the for the event was Peter Lotus 11:14.016  and David WRM 11:14.678.  Just goes to show you can sometimes have a lot of fun at the back.

Our next race event 21 was over 8 laps. There were lots heavy black clouds over head as we waited on the dummy grid for a fair while as dead cars were brought back to the pits. Finally we were away but after the first lap it started to rain and during the next lap the heavens opened up now it very hard to see where any other cars were. I had a spin at the gumtrees tight right hander but managed to stay on the black stuff, I was now wet through but decided to keep going as I had never driven in such wet conditions, I had no idea where I ended up. The results were Formula V,s 1st 2nd 3rd  David WRM 4thV 5th Rob Lancia 6th . Dick Nota, Peter Lotus, Nick Bob tail elected not to continue.

The last race for our group event 28 but as none of the JKL’s we’re going to compete there is nothing to report.

It was another well run meeting which we have come to expect from the HRCC.

David Bruce.  

My very diligent correspondent from S.A. has all the gossip from the Easter Mallala Meeting.

Derry Greeneklee reports:

Hi Mal,

As I promised to give you something for the JK &LB Newsletter… here goes!

Easter Mallala had a disappointing number of cars running. The outstanding performer was Bob Schapel in his S/C TC MG winning two scratch races. Brian Simpson went well in the MK9 Cooper with a second place, but was plagued again with a clutch designed to handle 30HP trying to transmit 80. …. and failing! John Medley, Dick O’Keefe, and Max Pegram were welcome visitors from Victoria and NSW.

Winton 2014 was a great event… perfect weather for the two race days. Unfortunately in qualifying both the Simpson MK9 and McGurk MK5 Coopers displayed a reluctance to move forward when their clutches were released. A hurried clutch replacement got the MK9 going for the actual races, allowing Brian to post fastest laps in both Scratch races.

However for the Mk5 it only got worse. A piston got too close to one spark plug electrode and closed it up, turning it into a single cylinder. Then despite a slipping clutch McGurk managed to leave the track on the sweeper and bury the Cooper in the muddy infield….

I wish there was some better news Mal….. but I think you had your own share of troubles! (I sure did Derry but not nearly as bad as last year’s effort!! Mal)

Never mind….. It’s certainly character building!

All the best for now,

A meeting of importance to all JKL enthusiasts’ is the Historic Queensland meeting at Morgan Park to be held on July 12/13th. Pete Mohr asked me before he set off overseas for an extended stay, to pass this message on to all.

HISTORIC QUEENSLAND We plan to make the JKL group one of the feature groups as we did last year and really push the JKL barrow. As those who came last year the atmosphere is great – much like the days of old Morgan Park is a classic rural circuit albeit with a wonderful challenging layout and good facilities and great atmosphere – a far cry from the modern concrete and soulless circuits that many have become!

The weekend starts with “private” practice on Friday, a “meet and greet” session on Friday evening and then plenty of activity on Saturday and Sunday. The weather is usually glorious once the sun gets its head up and I am sure no one will be disappointed with the overall package that HRCC will put on. Marquees will also be provided for all JKL competitors.

Warwick is a wonderful regional city and enjoyed by everyone with plenty of local attractions for all and readily accessible from the south. Accommodation will be tight particularly on Saturday night, so suggest you get that sorted ASAP. If there any queries, potential JKL competitors or supporters can call Mike Gehde at work on 07 3394 3755.

I haven’t been able to get to Historic Morgan Park myself but my fellow Team R members tell me it’s a great event, so if any of you southerners are looking for a little more warmth and a reason to head north during our southern chilli winter give Historic Morgan Park some serious consideration.

Also on the horizon is the Spring HSRCA meeting at Wakefield Park and as usual our JKLs will be the main attraction. Over the last few years we have been gaining in numbers and for good reason. For those who have never been to this meeting it has all the feel and fun of Winton Historics and the hospitality in Goulburn is first class. Tons of great pubs, restaurants and accommodation, and if anyone needs some advice on where to stay drop me a note or give me a call, I’m only too happy to help. 

It’s the Pits”

For sale this newsletter;

1953 C Type Jaguar recreation. A faithful recreation of a ’53 Le Mans winning car. Using MK 7/XK120 components and fabricated parts to the original design. All alloy body with correct tubular steel chassis and torsion bar suspension. British racing green. 4-speed manual with electric overdrive. 3.8 litres with triple Dellorto carburettors and 4-wheel disc brakes. All enquiries to David Reid on 0427285467 or dgreid@bigpond.com 

Ausca Sports Car. The car was built by Peter Ivey in Adelaide who started off building the Bacchus cars and this was his first car he built using a fibre glass body from Paul England’s car, and when he took in a partner (Rory Thompson) they moved to building Clubman’s and still building cars at Salisbury South Australia under the ASP name.

 The car has a CAMS Certificate of Description being built in 1959 and its first competitive race was at Lanic Park in 1962. Contested in many other events at Mallala and Phillip Island and participated in many non competitive events like Classic Adelaide, Clipsal display, I always do the Climb to the Eagle, being road registered I am able to participate in road events and race as well.

 The car has a Holden grey motor block, the second block now, a FB with a modified head. I was told that it is a Waggott but unable to confirm as Peter Waggott could not find any records in his father’s collection. The gear box is grey three speed modified mainly with larger shafts. The rear drive, suspension, steering and brakes are English; the steering box is a Holden peg and worm.

Shannons have it insured for $71,000 but I would be happy to sell for $68,000

Please contact Robin Mitchell at robin.mitchell1@optusnet.com.au or phone 0413044457 or 08 83473750.

That’s all the news for now. Please let me know if you have anything of interest that might be of interest to all. Just call 0412 630615 or email malreid@netspeed.com.au


Mal Reid

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