Simpson Unveil ‘Hybrid Sport’ Frontal Head Restraint at Wakefield Park

Hybrid Sport Frontal Head Restraint

Simpson Safety Equipment Australia will be unveiling the all new FIA Simpson Hybrid Sport Frontal Head Restraint at Wakefield Park this weekend.

Australia will be the first country outside of the US to be offering competitors the re-engineered, re-designed FIA homologated Hybrid Sport Frontal Head Restraint device.

The ‘Sport’ sits in between Simpson’s full Carbon Hybrid Pro and the economical carbon composite Rage version in terms of taking performance features from both, to deliver a FHR device that not only performs extremely well but also offers improved ergonomics for superior comfort in a sleek, new, lightweight design, whilst remaining the same price as the popular, budget conscious Rage at $789.00.

The Simpson Hybrid range of FIA Head and Neck Restraints are the only devices on the market that protects during front, offset and side impacts.

The new designs allow for easy entry / exit of the race car, the Hybrid doesn’t transfer ‘load’ to the body, has the flexibility of one device for any seating position be it in a formula type race car to a more upright seating position and works in conjunction with existing seat/harness configurations.

Lady racers also have the availability of a custom fitting service to make sure the device fits properly for comfort and performance.

Quickly gaining a reputation for maximum comfort, manoeuvrability and superior overall performance the Hybrid Pro has been sweeping across European racing and rallying circles in 2014. Now it’s Australia’s racers who are in the enviable position to be the first in the world to pioneer the new Simpson FIA Hybrid Sport.

Contact Greg Yard, Simpson Safety Equipment Australia; p. 02 9545 6662, m. 0407 108 103 e., w., f. Simpson-aust  for more details or come visit us in the pits .

*Image shown with optional M6 tether attachments available at extra cost. Post Anchor hardware supplied as standard.

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