Join Us This September 19 & 20 for the Wakefield Park Historic Spring Meeting!

Historic Racing at Wakefield Park

Our next historic racing outing will be held over the 19th & 20th of September, 2015, at Wakefield Park. Entries are now open and have gone out to members!

As usual, entry to our September 2015 All Historic Spring Wakefield Park meeting is preferred through Motor Event Entry. Please hit this link to head directly to the event and enter.

The first theme for this meeting is JKL, and as in the past we will provide for both Race and Regularity over the course of the weekend.

Aussie Specials (pre 1960) are also invited to join in the JKL Regularity if they don’t have sufficient paperwork to be eligible as J, K or L cars. Group M cars that are normally invited into JKL are also welcome. All of these cars may enter for the JKL entry fee, which for this year is two thirds the full fee.

The second theme is Regularity, and this year we are expecting a large contingent of MGs and similar British sports cars.

In order to accommodate the regularity entries there will be two regularity grids for the weekend. One grid will be for cars that are large, enclosed and/or fast. The second grid will be for the MGs, invited sports cars and JKL.

The first grid will have its usual Enduro team event.  It may be possible for the MGs and invited sports cars to cross enter into the Regularity Enduro, subject to places being available.  We will need to reserve the right to allocate cars to an appropriate grid for compatibility and safety reasons.

Should you not have a Regularity Licence (CAMS L2S), I can provide a “one day” CAMS basic licence for Regularity drivers for a minimal fee. This can be converted to a full L2S licence if you have so much fun that you would like to attend our next meeting as well.  Please give me a call or just come and visit us at the Secretary’s Office on the day.

To encourage JKL competitors, we are offering discounted entry fees for both Race and Regularity. Additionaly for those who enter the Race class, cross entry into Regularity will be offered at no cost. In addition, we will have a free Marquee for all JKL cars.

We will, of course, be running our usual programme for all 5th Category Historic cars, so if you want to be assured of having enough cars in your class to form your own grid (20), then get onto your mates and get them to enter.  Speaking of which, there are three ways to do just that:

  1. Go to Motor Event Entry ( and enter on line;
  2. Go to the ‘Events & Entry Forms‘ page on the HSRCA website and download the entry form; or
  3. Give Robyn or myself a call and an old fashioned snail mail package will eventually arrive in your letterbox.

If you have any queries, please call Noel or Robyn Bryen and we will do our best to assist.

Yours sincerely,

Noel Bryen
Competition Secretary

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