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HSRCA Historic Spring

In just a few days we’ll be making our bi-annual road-trip to Wakefield Park in Goulburn to enjoy some springtime historic racing with our friends. And we’d love for you to join us!

The weekend will see a stunning field of historic sports and racing cars take to the classic track for two packed days of racing and all of the socialising and fun that goes along with that. Our 2015 event will offer special events for two featured groups, along with the usual full weekend of racing for 5th category historic cars.

HSRCA Historic Spring

The first theme for this meeting is JKL, and we have organised feature events for both Race and Regularity over the course of the weekend. We’re thrilled with the support of the JKL racers, who have put together a field 37-strong along with even more drivers in Regularity.

Speaking of which, our second theme for the weekend is Regularity, who have been similarly-wonderful in supporting the event. The MG & JKL Regularity field will see 21 drivers compete, and they will be joined by a further 17 in the Regularity field.

And they, of course, will be joined by close to 200 of their closest friends and race cars! Thanks to all competitors for supporting the event – we will endeavour to make it a magnificent one! To check out the programme, entry list and more, head to the ‘Events’ & Entry Forms page here.

HSRCA Historic Spring

To help crank the engines over before we head off, let’s take a look back at what went down the last time we put rubber to race track at Wakefield Park.

We previously raced at Wakefield Park back in February of this year, when we opened 2015’s accounts with a relaxed, social and action-packed weekend’s historic motorsport. Catch up on all the historic racing action in the wrap-up, photo galleries and links below. We can’t wait to do it all again this weekend!

2015 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Gallery

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Jeremy Dale

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Bill Forsyth

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Steve Koen

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Brent Murray

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Graham Olde

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Seth Reinhardt

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Peter Schell

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Richard Taylor

2015 Wakefield Park Historic Summer: Pete Trapnell

HSRCA Historic Spring

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