2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics Wrap-Up and Gallery

Wakefield Park Summer Historics

Welcome home, and thanks to everyone who joined us at Wakefield Park to kick off 2016’s historic racing season!

We’re freshly returned from the opening round of 2016’s motorsport, and that means it’s time to procrastinate work for a while by reminiscing about the weekend and checking out some photos!

Wakefield Park Summer Historics

Our 2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics race meeting was held at Wakefield Park over the 27th & 28th of February. It was a relaxed return to motorsport with no ‘feature’ events held – simply an opportunity to catch up with mates, give the cars a run and get back into the historic motorsport groove after the summer break.

Goulburn treated us with pure summer Goulburn. After a hot Friday practice we settled into a cool and rainy (and very slick) Saturday, before the sun came out and delivered an absolutely perfect race day on Sunday.

Wakefield Park Summer Historics

Speaking of delivering absolute perfection, we were joined by a stunning field of historic racing and sports cars from all periods of the sport’s history. Each was beautifully prepared and both skilfully and respectfully driven. It’s wonderful to watch them at full tilt out on the track, and even better to see them driven in that spirited fashion safely.

And it was just as wonderful to encounter them in the pits and paddock, which had the added bonus of being full of great people! They were, as usual, full of friendly buzz and automotive tinkering.

We often mention the joys of chatting your way through the pits and paddock, and it bears repeating. If you do come along to an event, make sure to take some time strolling through the pits, getting up close to the cars and chatting with the wonderful people who have taken on their custodianship or contribute to their continued racing.

We’d like to send our thanks to everyone who came along and got involved, either as a driver, pit crew member or spectator. You’re responsible for the friendly atmosphere and great racing at our events, and we’re exceptionally grateful for your support!

Wakefield Park Summer Historics

Our most important and heartfelt thanks is reserved for the skilled and dedicated volunteers who make our events possible. The amount of work, time and talent that you invest into this sport is immense, and the success of every event is down to you.

We could not spend these weekends playing cars with our mates without you, and we, and everyone involved, would like to send our most heartfelt and enduring thanks to all of you. THANK YOU!

Wakefield Park Summer Historics

Now that you’ve endured my words, it’s time to move on to the pictures! Grab a vessel of your favourite beverage and maybe a biscuit or two, and spend a few minutes relaxing and reminiscing with the first of our photo galleries from our 2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics.

Click through the handy links below, and enjoy!

2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics: Jeremy Dale

2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics: Seth Reinhardt

2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics: Rod Mackenzie

2016 Wakefield Park Summer Historics: Mark Richards

Images thanks to Jeremy Dale, Rod MackenzieSeth Reinhardt and Mark Richards.

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