Historic Hot Laps: Tom Tweedie in the 1974 Elfin MS7

Head back to Sydney Motorsport Park for a few hot laps with Tom Tweedie in the 1974 Elfin MS7.

The car is a 1974 Elfin MS7 which has been a frequent competitor in HSRCA events at the hands of the Tweedies. It’s a one-off aluminium monocoque sports car based on the MS6 Formula 5000. The car weighs in at just 730 kilograms and is pushed around by a mighty 5-litre Repco V8 with Lucas fuel injection.

Garrie Cooper built it to win the Australian Sports Car Championship. He debuted it in 1974 and at the close of the 1975 season had done just that.

This awesome on-board footage comes thanks to Rob Tweedie and features Tom at the wheel of the car at Sydney Retro Racefest.

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