Video: Tin Top Trophy Races from Sydney Retro Racefest

Catch up with all of the tin top racing from Sunday at Sydney Retro Racefest thanks to this excellent coverage of the event by our coverage partners Blend Line TV.

This second episode from Racefest covers the Group N, Group S and Heritage Touring Cars trophy races held on Sunday morning at Sydney Retro Racefest. It captures plenty of magnificent historic racing moments, highlighted by the insight excitement of commentators Daniel Beckinsale and John Young.

This episode was originally broadcast on Aurora on Monday, the 11th of July at 8:30PM and will run again on Tuesday the 12th of July at 3PM and then Friday the 15th of July at 8PM.

Formula Ford, Groups M & O Racing & Sports, Formula Vee, Q & R Racing & Sports and Formula 5000 were broadcast last week and we’ll include that video below as well. Enjoy!

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