Observed Licence Testing at September Wakefield Park Historic Meeting

Observed Licence Testing Wakefield Park

On the Friday before our September historic race meeting at Wakefield Park Ed Gavin and his colleague have offered to conduct observed licence testing for anyone interested.

Observed licence testing requires CAMS approval and it has been indicated that this OLT will be specifically for historic racing. If you are interested in taking up the offer, it is essential that you come prepared. Ed advises the following:

  • It is highly likely that we will be able to hold an Observed Licence Test during the practice day to be held on the 23rd of September
  • We are awaiting final confirmation from CAMS as the OLT will be a CAMS permitted event
  • The OLT will be for drivers of fifth category (historic) cars only. This is the first time that an OLT has been category specific
  • Interested persons will need to follow the normal CAMS procedures for obtaining a General Competition Licence – ie. make contact with CAMS to obtain the correct paperwork, undertake the required medical test and do the online flags/safety test before entering the OLT
  • As the name suggests this will be a TEST. It is NOT a driver training program, although it will be conducted in the company of other historic category vehicles rather than in the context of State Championship competitors which is the normal practice
  • The same standards will be applied in assessing drivers as per a normal OLT
  • The OLT should be conducted using a vehicle which will be raced ie. not a road registered vehicle unless the vehicle is suitably race prepared. Participants should be thoroughly familiar with the car they are driving and have some prior experience at Wakefield Park
  • Prospective participants must enter the OLT via CAMS NSW (contact Matthew Anderson on (02) 8736 1218 for further information)
  • It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in doing this OLT make contact with Edward Gavin on 0409 794 033 as soon as possible
  • Anyone who just turns up on the day expecting to do the OLT will not be able to take part

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