Reminder to Check Harness & Extinguisher Dates for 2017 Season

Long time supporter of the HSRCA & historic racing community, Greg Yard of Simpson Safety Australia, has been in contact with an important reminder for the start of the season.

For your safety, and to maintain compliance with competition rules, please check the dates of your harness and extinguisher when preparing yourself and your car for competition. The start of the season is the perfect time to make sure everything you need for competition is up to scratch and in date for the year.

Simpson Safety Australia has fresh Willans, Toorace and APV harnesses available and will have 2017-dated extinguishers in stock shortly. They’re also offering new packages and reduced prices to ease the burden of everyone in prep-mode for the year. And if you need anything during our upcoming Autumn Historics at Wakefield Park, Greg will be there to help out.

Head to their site for more details.

Thanks to Simpson Safety Australia for their support.

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