TAFE Unreserved Automotive Engineering: Auction of Engines, Tools and Equipment

After the closing of the automotive section at St. George TAFE, all tools, equipment and teaching aids are being auctioned by Grays Online between Thursday the 14th of June and Thursday the 20th of June.

While some of the engines may be too modern for HSRCA tastes, several of them are difficult to find and many of the tools and much of the equipment may be of use to members.

Ford, Toyota including 4AGE and Holden (6cyl /V8 Red, 6cyl Blue) motors are being auctioned, along with a single Nissan VL engine. The engines were used as teaching aids, so while they were used by the students and are not pristine, they do not have a lot of running time on them. 

Further details can be found at Grays Online here.

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