Retro Video: Footage from the Last Race Meeting at Amaroo Park

Head back in time to Saturday the 22nd of August, 1998, to catch some of the action at the last race meeting at Amaroo Park.

The video is thanks to John Hunter and features him in his 1965 Trevethan Clubman as well as lots of familiar faces and cars around the pits and paddock. 

The video opens with John, a past president of the HSRCA, and his Clubman. We see Brian Caldersmith on the dummy grid, and then Charlie Jardine, Clerk of Course, Les Wright in the #28 Darlo, Tony Simmons in the #12 Hustler, Ray Kenny in the #57 Thompson Sports, Bruce Mansell in the #22 Lotus 22, John Medley in the #89 Nota FJ, Colin Haste in the #88 Alton ARII, John Pymble in the John Ford #32, Ian Johnson in a Dino replica, Paul Armstrong #5 Jewitt Holden, Rob Leslie #29 Nota Sportsman and then back to John in the Trevethan Clubman.

Ross Hodgson MG TC #8, David Reid Crowfoot Holden #71 and Ian Ross Lolita Mk II #4 are all pictured heading out, with Ian Pope in the Lolita Mk I seen at the back of the grid.

Robert Leslie, Dick Willis, Paul Hamilton and Peter Mohr also competed at the meting. Peter won the first race at the first meeting at Amaroo in 1967, and a plan was made, unbeknownst to him, to secure him victory at the last meeting – one of the stories from the folk law of our sport.

Thanks to Brian Caldersmith for sharing the video and the stories.

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