Video: A Bob Britton Documentary

Historian Kerry Smith presents the following documentary, which tells the story of ‘Mr. Rennmax’, Bob Britton.

Bob Britton got his start with a Rennmax Coventry Climax, moving on to Formula Juniors, Formula Vees, Formula 3s, Formula 2s and a wide range of very successful sports racing cars, as well as a few road cars and plenty of manufacturing, machining and engineering work.

In March, 2019, Bob was publicly recognised for his service to motor racing in Australia by CAMS and awarded the Phil Irving award in Melbourne.

On the 14th of May, 2019, we were treated to a social club presentation by historian Kerry Smith, in which he told the story of “Mr. Rennmax” – Bob Britton.

Kerry Smith is also the presenter in this video documentary made in June 2019, in which he discusses Bob’s background building race cars and in particular his Rennmax vehicles, which competed against the best factory race cars from around the world.

With a fascinating Q & A session with Bob about his cars, plus many great photos from Bob’s amazing career, this video provides an interesting look into Bob’s life and his huge contribution to motor racing in Australia. Enjoy it below.

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  1. Wonderful to see and hear about the incredible work of so many years dedicated to MotorSport. Well done Bob Britton!


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