CASAR Park Project Withdraws Development Application

In sad news for the New South Wales motor sport community, and the Central Coast community at large, the CASAR Park project announced the withdrawal of their development application in late October.

Stage one of the project included a motoring complex that would feature a 3.5 kilometer tarmac race track supported by undercover pit garages, driver training facilities and a go-kart track and simulated driving environment. It would have been, and hopefully could still be, a great boon to the local motor sport community, which has suffered setbacks in the recent years with the loss of facilities like Oran Park.

Having thus far worked on a social enterprise model, the project will now move its focus to a purely commercial model.

Read on for the official notice from CASAR Park, and head to their website for more information.

CASAR Park – Important Announcement

It was a little over 9 years ago, that a small group of passionate locals sat down to sketch out a vision for a precinct like no other in Australia. It was to be the pinnacle of social enterprise – matching a genuine need for programs to address youth unemployment with the exciting business of motor sport.

Since that time we’ve had hundreds of meetings with interested stakeholders – individuals, Clubs, business, Government – over thousands of volunteer hours. But despite those years of knocking on doors, it has simply been impossible to raise the funds necessary to complete the required ecological assessments and so we have had to withdraw our Development Application.

Whilst this announcement marks the end of the social enterprise model, there is one final avenue that may yield a result – a purely commercial model. At various stages over the years, some individuals have expressed interest in the project not as a social enterprise but as a commercial venture, and so it is to those people we will be returning over the coming weeks.

Our sincere thanks for your enthusiasm, patience and support over many long years – there with us as we continued in the belief that the social and economic benefits for our Central Coast region would ultimately prevail.

Expressions of Interest from parties wishing to explore a commercial motor sport facility development are open until 5pm Friday 29th November. EOI’s and queries to Paul Steer

Take care & All the best,
Brad Wilson

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