Update on Rain Light Requirements for Vehicles Competing in Race Events

On the 1st of January, 2020, Motorsport Australia regulations made rain lights mandatory for  vehicles competing in race events on closed circuits across all levels of motor sport. We previously reported that this applied to all vehicles, but now understand that 5th Category log booked vehicles are exempt.

The rule change was announced late in 2018 and the CAMS Manual – General Requirements for Automobiles Schedule C has been updated to include it in the regulations. For the full details, including a list of FIA approved rain lights, head to the Motorsport Australia (CAMS) website at this link.

5th Category log booked cars are exempted from normal Motorsport Australia requirements in the case of rain lights and so drivers competing in 5th Category cars will not require one to run at HSRCA historic race meetings. However, they are highly recommended as a safety feature and if you run in non historic meetings, your vehicle may be required to comply with the rule.

Our thanks to Greg Yard of Simpson Safety Equipment Australia for contacting us to alert us of 5th Category historic vehicles’ exemption from the rule. Greg has also prepared a selection of compliant rain lights for those who do need them and has kindly offered a discount to HSRCA members and associated clubs who wish to purchase one. Please see his website at simpsonraceproducts.com.au.

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