Use of Vehicles Under Conditional Registration for Essential Purposes During COVID-19

It has come to our attention that the NSW police have pulled over a number of vehicles on conditional registration (H, D or J plates) and questioned whether their use is for essential purposes. The Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) has sought clarification from the policy branch of Transport for NSW (RMS) and has received the following advice.

As long as club members follow NSW State restrictions, such as only going direct to the mechanic, the shops, medical practitioners, pharmacies or to work, they are allowed to use HVS and CVS vehicles with the filled out log book.

That does not include trips to try the car out or charge the battery etc. as far as CMC interpret it. Those reasons could be considered spurious by any person of authority who stops a vehicle and questions its use.

There obviously can be no club events where people gather and the CMC suggest that no club sanction or organise any such activity.

If on conditional registration with the log book arrangement, every trip made under the allowable essential purpose usage criteria must be noted on the log book sheet. If on conditional registration but NOT on the log book arrangement, you cannot use your vehicle as there are no club events and the trips allowed/noted in our rules and regulations are not considered to be essential under lockdown restrictions.

If you are taking such a vehicle to a mechanic it is suggested it be for essential work and you have a prior appointment with the mechanic.

Note that two unrelated people in the front seat of a vehicle are breaking the distancing rules. If they are not family or do not live together, then they are unrelated. Go it alone is the safe way if you must go out in ANY vehicle. 

It is suggested that members who do NEED to use a vehicle under conditional registration have a copy of this advice with them.

All restrictions are of course also applicable to those with classic cars not on conditional registration and are based on the essential purpose usage criteria as set out by the state government. 

As much as it is great to do in normal times, taking the classic car out for a drive to the beach or anywhere non essential is just not available to us at this time. If anyone has any questions on this don’t hesitate to contact me. Remember,  we are all in this together!

Stay safe and well,

Rick Marks
HSRCA Club Plate Registrar

6 thoughts on “Use of Vehicles Under Conditional Registration for Essential Purposes During COVID-19”

  1. Good morning,

    Just curious when the restrictions relating to driving on historic plate is going to be lifted?

  2. Apparently renewing registration on a historic regoed car is not essential, and there it can not be renewed until after restrictions. Can someone confirm this either way.

  3. I tried to historic rego my motorbike last week after getting pink slip and they didnt let me at nsw services because it wasnt essential. Very disappointed. First time rego not allowed until lockdown ends…. Dont know about re rego.


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