Entry to the 2020 Spring Festival at Wakefield Park is Now Open

We’re pleased to announce that this August 28th to 30th, we’ll be celebrating not only the return of spring, but our escape from the winter of social isolation when we head to Wakefield Park for our second historic race meeting of the year – the Spring Festival.

Entry is now open and available via the Motorsport Australia Members’ Portal:


Supplementary regulations are available from the following link:

2020 Spring Festival Supplementary Regulations [PDF]

All drivers are welcome to the Spring Festival, which will offer races for all of our usual fifth category vehicles as well as speed events for vehicles manufactured up to the 1990s and invited cars deemed compatible with those groups. Private practice will be offered on Friday the 28th of August and will be hosted by Wakefield Park.

We have plenty to celebrate, so our feature of the meeting is simply ‘Return to Racing’ and we look forward to catching up with everyone at a social distancing appropriate 1.5m distance.

Where entry numbers are particularly strong we will split grids and may do so for other groups where safety and opportunity justify it. There will be a BMC Challenge event and a ‘Give a Mate a Go’ grid. We will also welcome Aussie Racing Cars for the first time and will host round two of their 2020 series.

Following on from its successful implementation in the Autumn Festival and in support of our goal to welcome new drivers to the sport, we hope to extend the ‘Give a Mate a Go’ concept for the Spring Festival, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. For this meeting, drivers who are not entered in other classes will be able to enter ‘Give a Mate a Go’, provided COVID-19 procedures are not compromised.

Aussie Racing Cars is inspired by the American Legend category and was conceived in Australia by Phil Ward in the mid-90s. It’s been running a fundamentally unchanged set of technical regs for the past twenty years. They’ll be a good fit for our meeting, and we look forward to some fun races, as well as making a few new friends and sharing our love of historic motorsport with a new group of motorsport fans.

We are confident that we will be able to hold a normal meeting, although some limitations may apply and there will be more guidelines to follow for obvious reasons. If restrictions are not lifted or are reimposed by the time we hold the meeting, we will operate a scaled-back meeting, details of which will be made known in sufficient time.

For those same obvious reasons, we will be monitoring both the situation and the governmental regulations applying to it closely, and will adapt as necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable meeting for all.

We look forward to not only being out in the open air, but filling it with the song of motorsport once more when we see you all this August 28-30 for the Spring Festival at Wakefield Park.

Yours in motorsport,
The HSRCA Race Committee

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