Wakefield Park Seeking Feedback on Plans to Improve Facilities

The team at Wakefield Park are planning a series of improvements to the circuit facilities and would like our input on the plans so far, as well as our ideas for how to improve the circuit.

Community Information and Feedback Sessions are planned for Tuesday, the 1st of September, 2020, from 4-6pm and Saturday the 5th of September from 11am to 2pm. An online form is also available on the Wakefield Park website at the following link.

Wakefield Park is seeking approval for the following changes:

  • Construct a new 2-3 storey multi-purpose pit lane building to facilitate more corporate and industry events (and generally quieter) cars;
  • Demolish some buildings;
  • Relocate current service centres (including the café, medical centre, offices, control tower, ticket/sales office, media centre); 
  • Enhance our ability to host a greater variety of events;
  • Revitalise the camping area;
  • Formalise access and parking areas for large events;
  • Confirm certain existing site approvals; and 
  • Accurately reflect the site’s current uses in consideration of management measures under Council’s January 2020 Prevention Notice

We wholeheartedly support Wakefield Park’s efforts to upgrade the circuit, and hope you’ll take the opportunity to share your thoughts for the circuit’s future.

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