Result of the 2020 HSRCA Annual General Meeting

The HSRCA conducted its 2020 Annual General Meeting at the Denistone Club on 20 October, with some 30 members in attendance. Understandably the numbers were reduced due to the Pandemic.

The 2020 financial statements audited by Pitcher Partners were presented, discussed and adopted. A copy is available on request from the office.

Richard Cardew presented his fifth Presidents Report. As previously advised, he had intended to stand down as President, but has agreed to continue as Immediate Past President, a position provided in the constitution. The report covered the difficulties endured under COVID-19, both in cancelled events and the challenges faced as we move forward and adapt to a new normality under the pandemic.

The meeting expressed great appreciation to Richard for his five years as President, the advances he initiated for the club, and particularly the respectful and considered manner in which he had represented the Club. As Immediate Past President Richard will continue to fill roles to continue our good relations with our groups and circuits.

Thanks were also extended to Tony McCarroll and Bruce Mansell, who are stepping down from the committee, for their inputs and service to the committee and the Club.

Richard also expressed the thanks of all members for the diligence and professionalism of our engaged team – Robyn Bryan as Treasurer, Rod Wallace as Event Manager and Mark Stockwell Janet King as Race Secretaries.

All committee positions were then declared vacant and Brian Caldersmith assumed the position of Interim Chair of the meeting. Nominations for all positions were tabled, and the following positions were affirmed by vote of the members present:

President – Wayne Wilson  
Vice President – Barry Cockayne
Treasurer – Robyn Bryen
General Committee – Daniel Bando, Alan Sebesfi, Geoff Morse and Nick Mansell.

Wayne then addressed the meeting and discussed the proposals for the upcoming meetings at Wakefield Park and Sydney Motorsport Park, including the additional challenges introduced by the pandemic. Wayne also set out the plans for a tribute to Ron Tauranac to be held at our June 2021 meeting at Sydney Motorsport Park. Details of these events will be posted on the website shortly.

If you’d like to learn a little more about Wayne and Barry, profiles were published on the website recently. Click here to read Wayne’s and here to read Barry’s. Additional committee member profiles will be published once we return from the Summer Festival and enter the quieter holiday period.

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