Summer Festival: Competitor Information for a Safe, Smooth and Enjoyable Meeting

This time next week the very first of our competitors will be setting up shop at Sydney Motorsport Park for the grand finale to 2020’s historic motor sport season – the 2020 HSRCA Summer Festival. Scroll on, because we have a whole lot of information to share with you.

Firstly, the provisional entry list and program, garage & carport allocations, paddock map, scrutineering forms for race and speed events, and the Motorsport Australia general disclaimer are available to download from the following links:

2020 HSRCA Summer Festival Provisional Entry List [PDF] As at November 19 – Janet King, Race Secretary, will contact entrants directly about any duplicate race numbers or other entrant matters

2020 HSRCA Summer Festival Provisional Program of Events [PDF] Updated November 23 – Events 26 and 27 exchanged to give competitors more time to prepare their cars for the BMC challenge

2020 HSRCA Summer Festival Garage & Carport Allocation [PDF] As at November 19 – Garages and carports are fully allocated

2020 HSRCA Summer Festival Paddock Map [PDF]

2020 HSRCA Summer Festival RACE Self Scrutiny Form [PDF]- For competitors entering RACE events

2020 HSRCA Summer Festival SPEED Self Scrutiny Form [PDF] – For competitors entering SPEED (Regularity & Super Sprint) events

Motorsport Australia General Disclaimer [PDF]

Minor Change to the Program, November 23

We have decided to make a small change to the program, by flipping Events 26 and 27 on Sunday – Formula Vee and the BMC challenge. This is designed to give competitors more time to prepare their cars for the BMC Challenge Group S and Formula Vee competitors should please take note.

Friday Practice

Friday Practice will be available as usual and will be conducted by the circuit/ARDC from 9:00am.

Online entry is not available, simply show up and pay on the day. The cost is $163 for HSRCA and ARDC members and $193 for non-members.

An online waiver from is available from the following link. It will be required on the day, and entrants can complete it beforehand:

Note that this waiver includes standard drivers briefing notes and a physical briefing is no longer held.

Bump In 

Bump in and set up will be on Thursday evening. The paddock will be available from 5:00pm (due to another event). The skid pan will be available at this time as well. Please unload your car and remove your trailer to the designated trailer parking areas.

Paddock Layout and Use

A Paddock layout map is provided. Please adhere to this map, particularly in taking up a position on the skid pan.

Also, please assist by parking your tender vehicle and trailer in the designated parking areas (not the paddock). HSRCA volunteers will be on hand on Thursday evening to assist with paddock management and directions.

Circuit Entry / COVID-19 Regulations

This will be a closed event with no spectators.

All attendees must be pre-registered through the MSA online entry system. Under COVID-19 regulations, entry to the circuit will be strictly controlled and all attendees will be marked off at the entrance gate.

Please look after yourselves and each other, and take care to follow good hygiene and social distancing practices. Do not attend the venue if you feel at all unwell.

Tender vehicle passes will be issued at sign on. Please insert your race car number on the tender pass.

Competitor Race Meeting Sign-On & Driver’s Briefing

This will be conducted by the race secretary in the Hinxman Room, from Friday morning. It will include a ‘Drivers Briefing’ form which needs to be read and signed for.

This process will take the place of the normal driver’s briefing on a Saturday morning (not held due to COVID).

Garages and Carports

Entries for this event are very strong. All garages and carports have already been taken (some time ago) and there is a wait list. They are allocated on a ‘first in, first served basis’.

Every possible effort is made to allocate spaces based on entrant requests, car categories and the like. With such strong entries, however, not every request can be met.

Saturday Morning Entry 

If you are not arriving at the circuit until Saturday morning, you will need to be checked off at the entry gate as a registered attendee. Please allow time to do this.


RaceFuels have filled the tanks for us ahead of our Summer Festival meeting. The bowsers uphill from race control will be operating throughout the weekend.

Elf Race 102, E85 and 98 RON and are all available on demand. Credit cards are accepted, just follow the instructions on the card reader.

Elf LMS FIA race fuel is available in 50L drums for pre-order delivery. Please contact RaceFuels on (03) 9706 5233 or Mark Tierney 0419 511 517 for more information.

98 RON = $2.20 per litre
E85 = $2.20 per litre
Elf Race 102 = $4.95 per litre
50L Drums of Elf LMS FIA are also available = $8.00 per litre

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