Thanks to All for a Magic Summer Festival

A big thank you to all of our members and friends who joined us over the weekend at the 2020 Summer Festival at Sydney Motorsport Park.

After waiting through months of the pandemic, the short notice deferral of our Spring Festival and then dealing with NSW Health to seek approval to welcome more people to the meeting (which came through on Thursday), it was great to just be at the track enjoying the motor sport.

The heat was certainly a test, and affected some of our marshals, with the stewards ruling on Sunday that we must use the shorter ‘North’ circuit. That required a practice session so that we could find our way around, as well as reshuffling of the program, but the shorter race length suited many of our cars in the heat and the positive reception to the ‘North’ circuit (something new!) was a great outcome.

Your patience through the changes and ready acceptance of something new was wonderful, and greatly appreciated.

Sincere thanks to all of the track officials in most trying conditions, as well as Rod Wallace Event Organiser and Janet King Race Secretary, who had to deal with a moving feast throughout.

Please keep an eye on the website, as we should have some excellent coverage of the meeting online during the day tomorrow.

2021 should bring a vaccine and more freedoms to allow spectators, family and friends to enjoy our storied and evocative cars. The HSRCA dates for next year are:

  • 20-21 March, the Autumn Festival at Wakefield Park
  • 12-13 June, the Sydney Classic at Sydney Motorsport Park
  • 28-29 August, the Spring Festival at Wakefield Park
  • 27-28, the Summer Festival at Sydney Motorsport Park

Your committee will consider special events to celebrate our 40th anniversary year, including public displays and possibly a night meeting at SMP in February. Your feedback is most welcome.

May you enjoy a safe and relaxed Christmas and holiday season with your families. It is a pleasure to lead this club, our historic racing family, and I look forward to all that we can achieve in the new year.

Wayne Wilson,
President, HSRCA

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