Vale: Mal Brewster

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We learned today of the loss of Mal Brewster in a tragic motor accident near Cowra on Wednesday, April 21st 2021 (in which two others died.) These heartfelt words on Mal’s immense contribution to the HSRCA, to our members and to the historic racing community come thanks to Noel Bryen.

Vale Mal Brewster

Vale: Mal Brewster

Words thanks to Noel Bryen

Mal Brewster was a wonderful asset to the club and donated many, many hours of his time to assist members and competitors in improving their driving experience.

His motivation came from his racing days when he was at Amaroo Park in the ’70s and a novice driver moved over on him unexpectedly, causing a major accident which left Mal with a fractured back and a crook leg and ankle resulting in a permanent limp. His aim was to educate new drivers as much as possible before they were thrown into the deep end of the race track.

He instigated the track walks at our meetings during the 1990s and they became a part of our routine when running a meeting. On the smaller tracks, such as Wakefield Park, Oran Park and Amaroo, he used to walk the circuit with the new starters and show them the lines through each corner and the various nuances of the racing surface. On the larger circuits such as Eastern Creek, we provided him with a mini bus so that time wasn’t wasted walking the straight bits.  

Vale Mal Brewster

Mal was experienced in all sorts of categories, from Minis and Formula Juniors to Formula 3 and Clubman cars.  He offered his services around the pits if competitors needed a hand in setting up their car or advice on how to negotiate a particular corner. I can remember him standing at various corners around Eastern Creek observing cars (mine included) and then offering advice on how to improve their lap time.

I know from experience how valuable Mal’s experience was, because I still use the technique he taught me in setting the tyre pressures on the Rennmax for each meeting. He also provided me with advice on suspension and alignment settings that I still use. In fact, Mal cut his teeth working for Bobby Britton at Rennmax and was one of his chassis builders. (Is that a polite term for ‘welder’?)  

Mal was an integral part of every race meeting  I put together for the HSRCA over my 17 year tenure in the Secretary’s chair and I remember many meetings where he went home with a bottle of scotch or two in his bag from very thankful competitors who improved their driving experience over the course of the weekend because of his advice. Mal was always grateful for the gifts, but took his pleasure from the fact that he was making each competitor a better and safer driver at each meeting.  

A true gentleman and we will miss him greatly.

Our sympathies are extended to his wife Gaye and his family.

Wayne Wilson,
President, HSRCA

Vale Mal Brewster

5 thoughts on “Vale: Mal Brewster”

  1. Larger than life a true gentleman, what a loss to his family and friends and motorsports in general.
    He may be gone but fondly remembered by many including me.

  2. Wayne

    Could you please give us Gate’s contact details. We knew Mal & Gaye from their time in Robertson Southern Highlands NSW in fact Mal showed a Simmental heifer for us at the last RAS at Moore Park in the late 1990’s.

    Jack Skipper Age 91
    Lynette Skipper

  3. During the early 60’s my late husband and I would accompany Mal and co, towing their cars out and about to Catalina park, Warwick Farm, and eventually Oran Park. A small group of around 5 of us would have great times at these venues leaving our homes in the Eastern suburbs, to travel the long distances to these venues. It was all fun but serious racing. Mal and some others would test their open wheel racers around the streets of Bellevue hill, much to the annoyance of neighbours!
    I have heaps of great pics taken in those days. My intro to Motorsport. Thanks Mal !

  4. Margaret and I only recently had the pleasure of meeting Mal and Gaye.
    Mal was kindly and freely offering his guidance and in a sense was mentoring me through the process of rebuilding a Torana engine.
    We feel so fortunate in having had the opportunity of knowing Mal.
    We will remember Mal’s humour and stories of his past for quite sometime.
    Mal certainly had the personality and skill to brighten up one’s day.
    Thanks Mal. We will remember you.
    Margaret and Barry Rose.

  5. Mal Brewster was an absolute gentleman and very passionate. I first met Mal at Wakefield Park in 2007 as a new Regularity driver when he invited me on one of many of his legendary Track Walks reminding you “not to end up in the boom docks”. He would watch you on the track and catch up with you afterwards suggesting some track line changes and question your tyre pressures. A beautiful man. His desire to assist others and his love for motor racing was his hallmark. He will be truely missed but never forgotten. Sincere condolences to Gaye and his family. Thank you Mal for all the wonderful memories. Warren de Guara


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