Frontal Head Restraints in 2014

Frontal Head Restraints

CAMS has recently issued an amendment to regulations for frontal head restraints, making them mandatory from 2014.

Read on for the release from CAMS, and head to the official CAMS website here for more information.


The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has issued regulation amendments incorporating the mandatory use of Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) after announcing the use of FHRs are to become mandatory from 2014.

The amendments affect two Schedules; Schedule D – Apparel and Schedule I – Safety Harnesses/ Window Nets.

These Schedules with regulation amendments for the mandatory use of FHR devices can be found by clicking here for SCHEDULE D and here for SCHEDULE I.

For the Bulletin click HERE.

Please Note:

CAMS will only recognise the SFI Standard 38.1 FHR devices up until the 31/12/2015, when the SFI Standard 38.1 devices will no longer be recognised. CAMS has only ever recognised and recommended the use of FIA approved devices.

The SFI Foundation, in testing to meet the SFI 38.1 Standard, utilised a test scenario involving the use of a sled and a test dummy fitted with the device. The sled and dummy, are then accelerated and rapidly decelerated to produce a velocity change, thus testing the ability of the device to support the head and neck in an impact. The FIA take testing a step further than the sled and dummy test by incorporating testing for the helmet posts and the individual tethers. The FIA then undertake a destruction test to determine the ultimate ability of the device.

Furthermore, CAMS will not approve the drilling of a helmet to facilitate the fitting of FHR tether posts unless undertaken by the helmet manufacturer or a helmet manufacturer’s agent. Most helmets with the applicable standard required for FHR are pre-drilled to suit the tether posts and therefore only require the post to bolted or screwed into place. Manufacturers and manufacturer agents will undertake this action for minimal cost and will also be able to verify that the helmet is in fact of the necessary standard to suit the use of FHR.

CAMS has resolved to introduce regulations which mandate the use of Frontal Head Restraints in accordance with FIA standards as follows:

From 1 July, 2014 all international and national circuit races, road events and off road events, except where specifically exempted due to the type of vehicle;

From 1 January, 2015, all state circuit races, road events and off road events, except where specifically exempted due to the type of vehicle.

This does not include Speed events and Auto tests.

Competitors in other disciplines and lower level competition are reminded that the use of these restraints remains highly recommended.

FHRs are a safety device that reduce the likelihood of head and/ or neck injuries and are already compulsory in many motor sport events worldwide.

The purpose of FHR devices is to stop the head from whipping forward in a crash, without restricting the movement of the neck, as an FHR device maintains the relative position of the head to the body.

For a video on how to use Frontal Head Restraints – click HERE

For a video on the introduction of FHR’s by CAMS – click HERE

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