Wakefield Park Historics 18th & 19th of September


It’s on again!

By popular request we are repeating the early MG feature that we so successfully held in 2007 and in addition, we are also featuring Austin Seven and air cooled racing cars.

Wakefield Park, Goulburn, 18th and 19th September, 2010.

  • T types and earlier, including pre wars and racing specials
  • Austin Seven Specials and air cooled racing cars
  • Exclusive Regularities for the above groups
  • Lunchtime parades for all eligible cars
  • Marquee space for featured cars
  • Display area for non competing cars
  • Historic Racing for all normal historic categories

Please spread the word as there are many eligible cars out there that we don’t know about. Put the date in your diary now!

Entry forms have been sent out via email, see our events page for more information, or contact us:


PO BOX 5063
Turramurra South
NSW 2074
p: 02 9988 4743 f: 02 9988 4277 e: members@hsrca.org.au

Group Registrar: Dick Willis

PO Box 280
Coffs Harbour
NSW 2450
p: 02 6652 2099 m: 0427 400 158 e: willisrg@smartchat.net.au

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